22-year-old Cousin Arrested For Rape And Murder Of 8-year-old In Pratapgarh: Report

The 22-year-old cousin arrested for raping eight-year-old abducted her from her house and then threw her into a well after strangulating her.

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Delhi Dalit Girl ,Nirbhaya convicts hanged, cousin arrested raping minor

A 22-year-old man who reportedly raped and killed his minor cousin in Meghpura village in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan was arrested by the police of Monday. The girl went missing on Saturday afternoon, following which her father filed a missing complaint.


What you should know:

  • The 22-year-old cousin of a minor girl reportedly abducted her from her house on Friday after midnight.
  • He allegedly threw the body of the eight-year-old after raping and strangling her to death in a well 300 metres away from her house.
  • Family of the deceased filed missing complaint on Saturday afternoon, following which the body was recovered.
  • After two days of interrogating 50 suspects from the village, the accused was arrested on Monday.

The accused reportedly abducted the girl from her house on Friday night while she was sleeping with her mother and sister in their kutcha house. The father had gone to Marwar to buy goats. The 22-year-old cousin then raped the eight-year-old and then strangled her to death. Following this, he threw the body of the minor in a well which is 300 metres away from the home of the late survivor.

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50 suspects were rounded up for interrogation

The family informed the police about the missing girl on Saturday. Within a few hours, the body of the deceased survivor was found in the well. Around 50 suspects were rounded up for interrogation from the village during the following two days before the accused was arrested on Monday.


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“The accused is the victim’s cousin. He raped her on Saturday and later killed her by strangulation. The accused then threw her body in a well of the village,” said Ravindra Pratap Singh, station house officer (SHO) of Choti Sadri police station. He further added that the post-mortem examination revealed that the child's neck was broken and grave injuries were inflicted on her as there were bloodstains on different parts of the body.

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