How These 14 Gutsy Women From Kerala Are Keeping Trains Safe For Us

Kerala Railway women

Make a way for a team of 14 women, also led by a woman supervisor, in Kerala who are smashing stereotypes in the face of male-dominant workspace. An all-women team of Railway employees in Kerala — consists of 14 women, is the one and only in the country responsible for looking after the maintenance of train coaches, a job traditionally dominated by men.

The flabbergast squad is called ‘L-Team’ (‘L’ standing for ‘Ladies’) and they perform critical maintenance procedures under train coaches to ensure the safety of train passengers.

The team is responsible for 80 train coaches and safety of the passengers who take those trains on a daily basis. The trains need safety checks for all the rakes after every 3,500 km, a necessity to avoid derailments. Also, the team has a youngest member; she is 28-year-old Krishnendu. “Initially I was scared. But with practice, now we are perfect, things have become easier. It was unheard that women alone could handle critical checks for rakes by themselves. But, now that our team is doing it successfully, I am very proud. My family is very proud. Most of us have learnt on the job,” she said, NDTV reported.

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The Supervisor, Sreekala VM has a rich 12 years of experience in the service, and has earned a level of confidence by taking charge from her male counterparts.

“We are responsible for the safety of passengers. We are responsible for the safety of a train. Everything is checked by us for the rakes. We are in-charge of, including the mechanical maintenance side. Inside job, passenger amenities or even the under gear examinations – which are high priority for safety, all are our responsibilities,” she said.

The team is on the floor for over two years now, and happens to be the only one such initiative which consists only of women.

Feature Image Credit: NDTV

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