13-year-old Florida Girl Completes First Semester in College

Florida Girl completes first semester

A 13-year-old is mostly busy trying to make sense of one’s self and surroundings and figuring out what and what not interests them? However, Alyssa Watson is done with her first semester at Florida State University.

“I’m at a higher grade level than most kids my age,” the child prodigy from hailing from Palm Bay Florida explained. “I passed the test and got high enough levels to enter the college”, the 13-year-old told fox35orlando.com.

“If you always work hard, believe in yourself, then you’ll get where you want to go.” – Alyssah Watson

She credits her brilliance in academics to her mother Lateria who has home-schooled her children. Alyssah has four more siblings.  Lateria Watson, her mother,  has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida. Also she has a UF master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, a UF specialist degree in mental health counseling, and a master’s of divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando.

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Alyssah is a home-schooled 10th-grader. She is also enrolled at the Eastern Florida State College’s Palm Bay campus. Lateria feels that home-schooling is a great way to tend to the specific needs of each child.

“That’s the joy of home schooling for us, that we get to tailor it to each child,” she said.

“We’ve always seen that she learned quick and absorbed information very well. So we sort of anticipated her doing well. I knew that she would do something beyond her age,” her father Odell Watson told Florida Today.


Talking about her interests, she says that she likes building stuff hands-on and programming.  She also likes playing the piano and swing dancing in Satellite Beach.

Alysaa’s aspires to be an engineer in the future. She shared that in the next four years, she intends to take up courses in that field.

Pic credits: Florida Today

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