“I’m kind of proud of it. It’s a great honor,” giggles Dafne Almazan, reports PRI about her being the Mexico’s most powerful woman at her age. What makes her the most powerful woman is the fact that at just 13-years she graduated from Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology in psychology becoming the world’s youngest psychologist, last month. Apart from that, she took a trip to Denmark where she showcased her simulated satellite project.

When quizzed about how she manages her time as she also plays piano and teaches mandarin to other children and she says, “It’s not actually that hard, to be honest. It’s not like getting up really early every day and staying up really late. I just try to organize my time as best as I can so I can do all the things I like,” as per USA Today.

It is a great accomplishment for Dafne to be a psychologosit at her age and this why even Forbes has listed her in the 50 most powerful Mexican women this summer. And the magazine owes her power to her ability to inspire and encourage other people. Dafne has a very sensible thing to say about gifted children being locked up in the four walls of the library. She said that her achievement is evidence that it is worth it if one does their best. She also mentions that gifted people need not give up their youth only because they are gifted.

The issue of gifted children not being able to realise their worth is widely-known in Mexico. “A recent study estimates there are 1 million underage geniuses in this country of 120 million, but only 4% of them reach adulthood with the ability to actually put their gifts to use,” reports USA Today.

Since women and girls are getting the opportunities, they are realising their worth more and more now. The change is happening and it seems to be a pleasant one. This news of a girl child prodigy becoming the most powerful woman in Mexico shows that women are as much capable as anybody else if given equal opportunities to them.

Picture Credit- Mexico News Network