11-Yr-Old To Premiere Her First Opera

Alma Deutscher, child prodigy

Eleven-year-old Alma Deutscher has written her first full opera titled, “Cinderella”. It will premiere in Vienna next month. Alma, who is from England, is a composer, virtuoso pianist and concert violinist.

Among her fans are conductor Zubin Mehta and violin virtuoso Anne-Sophie Mutter. Mehta is also helping her stage the opera. Alma says that she fell in love with music when she was two-years-old, after listening to a Richard Strauss lullaby.

“After it finished, I asked my parents, ‘how can music be so beautiful?’ Then I started having ideas of my own. I’d just sit down at the piano. I didn’t write my ideas down, I just had them in my head, and I played them. I was 4,” she says. 

The child prodigy has often been compared to Mozart, who wrote his first symphony when he was just 8 years old.

“Cinderella’ will feature a surprising twist in the story. The stepmother is an opera director and the prince is a poet who finds Cinderella through a melody she wrote.

“I can’t wait until everything will come together,” she says. “I dream about how it’s going to look like on the stage.

Watch one of her compositions here:

It’s almost unbelievable how someone so young can already be so accomplished!

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