101-Year-Old Granny Sprints Through Racing Track, Breaks 100-Meter Dash Record

At 101, Sprinter Breaks 100-Meter Dash Record

What if we told you that a 101-year-old would give you a tough fight in running and not only would she win, but still be as energetic as she was before? Surprised?

Meet Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, who at 101, became the oldest female athlete to ever compete in the USA Track and Field Outdoors Masters Championships — held on Saturday, July 15. The sprinter took up the challenge of running the 100 metres and touched the finishing line in 40.12 seconds.

“I missed my nap for this,” she said on Saturday at the event at Louisiana State University, The Washington Post reported.

With this record, she has now surpassed the current certified world record for women aged 100 or older by shaving off more than six seconds.

Julia Hawkins, who has been tagged “Hurricane” after her marvellous win, was born in Wisconsin in 1916. Yes, you got that right! She has seen World War I and lived to tell the tale.

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The unstoppable runner has many accolades to her name. Her personal best was in this month’s National Senior Games’ podium, held in Birmingham, Alabama, where Hawkins won in 39.62 seconds. She will be certified the official world-record holder in December.