10 Tips to Start Out as a Photographer


Keen to take up photography as a career? Here are some tips that you can use:

The intent to frame images mentally, the constant drive to translate moments into memories and the imaginative desire to visually express the world around you. These are the essentials that form a photographer’s paradigm.

Before you start dating an expensive gadget, let your creative juices find an outlet with something as basic as a camera phone.

Composing images involve presenting a view with objects and subjects placed in a manner as you conceive through the lens of your eye. Persistent practice enables you to refine and redefine views, vision and the craft of perception.

The primary step in understanding your camera is to be well-versed with its manual; theoretical engagement with its key settings help in deriving fruitful practical experiences. Knowledge of terms like exposure triangle, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, ISO introduces you to the gamut of photography vocabulary as well as adds meaning to your applicative proficiency.

Enrich your ideation by following established photographers on social and digital media platforms. Online tutorials, workshops and books dole out handy tips for upping your work. Going on photo-treks and engaging with like-minded people cultivates a newer perspective. A certificate course or a diploma in photography hones your amateur skills in a more structured and thorough fashion.

Become adventurous by switching between Modes. Dictate the camera toward the outcome you desire than it deciding it for you. To achieve this, manual mode offers a plethora of possibilities. However, apart from predefined automatic modes like macro, landscape, sports, etcetera, entertain your camera comprehension with semi-automatic modes like A/Av, S/Tv or P wherein you and your camera processes images collectively.

Patience is the best and the most rewarding virtue in every realm and area of interest. Compare your skill with your own progressive learnings and ameliorate with the expertise established by others.

There is no exact mathematical formula involved in producing an image, for photography is an artistic endeavour, wherein the attribute of inventiveness lies at its core.

Once the initial tryst with the creative process takes shape, you simultaneously start developing a sense of style in photography, along with a hint of interest in specialising a certain kind of work. Smart selection of gadgets and lenses in terms of cost and quality is certainly a value addition to enhancing your skill and discovering new ways of approach and execution.

Your plunge into the professional arena commences with photo internship stints. This is one of the productive ways of turning your photography passion into profession wherein you learn the nitty gritty detailing, the aesthetic as well as the business aspect of this field. Getting personal guidance from a mentor is the most befitting method to enrich your journey ahead.

Prepare an impressive portfolio exhibiting the best of your shots, reflecting your matured photography skill. This is the easiest and the strongest means to launch yourself in the workspace of photography. Depending on your subject interest, you may get in touch with production houses or firms. Simultaneously providing freelance services and starting your own venture is an option too.

Networking and making effective public relations should be a natural and the most yielding next step ensuring your visibility and presence in this ever-growing competitive industry. Start getting your work published on photography portals as well as sending your entries for online photo contests. Digitising few glimpses from your portfolio on social networking sites is a quick way to attract more eyeballs.

Picture Credit: iso.500px.com

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