10 Things To Know About The Rape and Murder Of A Seven-Year-Old Girl In Kanpur

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A seven-year-old girl was found dead in the Ghatampur area in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday morning, November 15. The minor girl who went missing on the night of Diwali was allegedly sexually assaulted by two men before being murdered. Reportedly her liver was extracted out for an occult ritual after her death. The incident has lead to outrage over increasing sexual crimes against minor girls in Northern India.

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Here are the things you should know about the Kanpur rape  and murder case

1. A seven-year-old girl went missing on the night of Diwali, November 14 in Kanpur.

2. A childless couple allegedly paid rupees 1000 to two men named  Ankul (20) and Beeran (31) to kidnap the girl in their neighbourhood and to extract her liver.

3. The couple who got married in the year 1999 were childless and as a part of some occult ritual believed that if the wife will eat the liver they will be able to conceive.

4. The two men who kidnapped the girl were drunk, they allegedly tried to rape her, and then killed her.

5. After killing the minor, the two men reportedly extracted her liver and handed it over to the couple who had hired them. The police suspect that some other parts from her body might as well have been taken by the perpetrators.

6. Several teams were deployed to crack the case after it came to light. The police questioned Ankul and Beeran on the basis of suspicion. During questioning, they admitted their crime. They alleged that a man called Parshuram Kuril, who was Ankur’s unlce, paid them some money to kill and extract the minor’s liver for an occult ritual.

7. All four accused in the case were arrested and the girl’s body was sent for postmortem.

8. The missing organs from the deceased girl’s body have not been found yet.

9. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath conveyed his condolences and announced a compensation of rupees five lakh for the girl’s family.

10. CM Adityanath has directed the authorities to take strict action against the accused and has assured that the case’s proceedings would be taken up in a fast track court.

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Sanskriti Tiwari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.