Sport and women are the new super headlines because we have seem some gutsy women come out with glory in games. No wonder girls from a very young age should be encouraged to play outdoors. From badminton, basketball, soccer, cricket, swimming, gymnastics and more – they have proved they are capable of scoring, of winning. Lives of Geeta Phogat and Sakshi Malik have put wrestling as one of the fastest growing sports for girls in India.

Boxer Mary Kom has said of boxing and girls when she came for Young Makers, “In our country, we see most of the girls not getting support from their families. Northeast is a bit better than the North. When I came here for the first time from my state to play nationals, I had a chat with the girls and they told me that they get little support from their families so I was very shocked at that time.”

Here are ten reasons why picking a sport can be transformational for you.

  • Picking up a sport will eventually make you fit with the right amount of muscle in the right places. And how you will achieve that is through workouts, something that’s most necessary to play a sport.
  • Discipline is one thing we crib about. Not having enough of that? Well, a sport can bring discipline into your life and it would be fun too to have some play while at it. A person who plays a sport has a great sense of time management which is discipline we like.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn

  • Playing a sport you fail more than you win. The wins count obviously more than the failures but it is the lows that teach you more than the highs. And life is very similar to playing a sport.
  • If taught from a younger age, children gain immense confidence if they are playing a sport and that confidence helps them throughout their life. Having said that, there is no age to pick up a sport so drop that excuse if you are an adult.
  • Another significant change a sport brings about in one’s life is focus. You need focus to perform well in both a sport and at work.

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  • Women deal with calcium deficiency often in India. And what sports does to treat it is instil good diet and workout regime, which may helps in treating problems like osteoporosis.
  • Playing sports like basketball or cricket which is played in a team helps build team spirit in you which helps even in your real life. Not just that, being positive towards others and encouraging them while also being empathetic towards your fellow players is all just a part of team spirit.
  • Playing a sport is more than just body movement. It develops a certain level of mental sharpness as well and makes one think quicker and better in times of crisis.
  • A field is one place where you can leave your everyday worries out and do something just for yourself. It can also be a place where you can productively use your anger in diverting your energy into winning a match.
  • It is seen in a usual scenario that a sportsperson has a strong character and personality. And you would agree to this. Now you don’t have to be a national champion for that. You need to play to build yourself and your personality to stand out in a crowd.

There you have it, not one but ten ways in which sports can help you.

“To find a win in every loss be it in sport or life is something that golf has taught me. To learn and take back something from any situation. Finding a reason to win in every sphere of life,” says top Indian golfer, Vani Kapoor.

“The best thing about sports is that person starts leading a disciplined life. Leading a disciplined life automatically cures some major day-to-day problems like gas and acidity issues. Sports make life more smoother,” shares Naina Jha, an enthusiastic sportsperson.