India Administered 10 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Doses In 34 Days

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10 Million vaccines administered:  India has now become the second-fast country in terms of administrating more than 10 million COVID-19 vaccine doses. It has been achieved in 34 days. It now trails behind the United States which achieved the feat in 31 days, whereas the United Kingdom spent 56 days to cross the mark.

“A total of 1,01,88,007 vaccine doses have been administered through 2,11,462 sessions, as per the provisional report till 8 am. These include 62,60,242 HCWs (1st dose), 6,10,899 HCWs (2nd dose) and 33,16,866 FLWs (1st dose),” the health  ministry said.

India has started administering the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from February 13 after a gap of 28 days. It also started vaccinating its frontline workers on February 2.

10 Million vaccines administered: Eight states administered with COVID-19 vaccine doses

57.47 per cent of the COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in eight states. 60.85 per cent of the second vaccine dose has been administered in seven states.

The government also reported that a total of 16 states and UTs have witnessed zero deaths due to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

The COVID-19 situation has got serious in Maharashtra, and the Shiv Sena government has declared a Sunday lockdown in the Amravati district. Mumbai might also go into a lockdown mode if the situation dies not improve. Kerala and Punjab are also experiencing a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases. India COVID vaccinations have hit 1 million in six days, making us,  the fastest country to reach the milestone number.

However, the government of Maharashtra imposed COVID-19 restrictions on  Amravati and Yavatmal districts due to the rising COVID-19 cases. A strict lockdown has been restored on Amravati and a partial one on Yavatmal. The lockdown will commence from 8 pm on Saturday and will continue till Monday morning.