10 Feminist Goals Every Woman Needs To Have

Here's a list of feminist goals all women should have.

Poorvi Gupta
Mar 04, 2017 08:25 IST
10 Feminist Goals Every Woman Needs To Have

I have never understood why feminists are criticised for speaking their mind and living life on their own terms. Sometimes they are looked down upon for being overtly “women-centric” or patronised as man-hating bitches. Here's a list of feminist goals all women should have.


1.       A solo trip

Yes! This is a top goal. We women feel unsafe to wander alone. But still, I encourage women to go for a solo trip as it will makes women feel much stronger both inside and out.  Of course, one needs to be safe at all times, but there are ways to ensure your safety and it should not stop you from making an empowering decision.

Feminist goal Donate or volunteer (Pic by


2.       Volunteer for a cause

As women we can use our sensitivity in good ways by volunteering for a cause. This could be anything you personally feel inclined towards -- animals, elderly people, or underprivileged kids. Doing something for others keeps the humanity alive in our fast-paced society. So this year, I ask you to not think twice and just go for it. Fight for those who require it the most.

Feminist goal Read to quench your intellectual thirst (Pic by womenaroundtown)


3.       Read read read

There is SO MUCH information out there that one just cannot get enough. And to put up a good debate, we need to have good arguments, right? Otherwise, whatever we say will just sound like a rant. So pick up a Gloria Steinem book, or an Eve Ensler or anything you like. There is absolutely no age for learning, so if you think that at 50, you are not supposed to read, you are wrong. This year, increase your reading habit and learn about things you always wanted to.

Feminist goal Make the conversation gender neutral (Pic by linksservices)


4.       Have a feministic conversation with a guy

Or with an unlikely group. But start an intellectual conversation around stimulating topics. We need to talk about things that matter to us in the long run and not just gossip. It is only because we don’t want to confront certain facts that we have reached a state where everything is structured the status quo is the way to go. So break the monotony, question where needed, and find your own answers.

Feminist goal Be compassionate (Pic by ankeshkothari)


5.       A little something for the people on the streets

Every human is equal and we have to start treating everyone equally. The only difference between us is that some are better off than others. It is only a moral obligation for those who are better off to do something for those who have a little. It can be any small act and doesn't have to just be monetary. Go to that slum near your house and spend a day talking with people living there, and playing with the children there. Give a meal to the people on the streets or distribute candies to the children you meet on your way to the office. I am sure their smiles will instantly lighten up your day.

6.       Attend conversational events


Now, this is very important for your own personal growth. Going for discussions and talks enlightens us in ways we could not have imagined. We humans are social creatures and with different kinds of interactions, we learn new things and get new perspectives. It is very important for us to have a holistic view on an issue to form an opinion. Ditch a concert for a meaningful event and I guarantee that you will feel 10-fold more awakened and aware.

Feminist goal Empower women around you (Pic by NRI Matters)

7.       Empower/inspire a woman to do something


Remember, charity and compassion start from your own house. So, encourage your mother to follow her passion. It could be something as small as going for that salsa class she always admired or taking that writing class that she had sacrificed in taking care of you. Help your friend who hesitates in letting her guard down and in finding the courage to do what she really wants to. Sometimes societal pressure bogs women down. We need to be our own guardian angels and pull each other's spirits up. Let #WomenInspireWomen

Feminist goal Teach an underprivileged kid (Pic by

8.       Teach an under-privileged kid

This will undoubtedly give you the most happiness. And the kid will always remember you as “Teacher Didi”. There are so many, literally so many, kids around us who do not get the education that we get. Their parents don’t either have enough money to put them in a private school or simply refuse to give away that extra source of income. Change happens when you work at the ground level and that’s where we need to start.

Feminist goal Learn something you always wanted to (Pic by

9.       Learn a new skill

While we may help someone learn something, there is always something that’s our unfulfilled desire and that we can learn. As they say, we will never know enough. Take up a sport, learn dancing, baking, a new kind of art or fashion designing or something unique like rock climbing. Get creative, get your gears on and get on with it.

Feminist goal Cleanse your mind through meditation (Pic by

10.   Unload the tension and meditate

At the end of a productive day, we feel so flushed out that we get cranky or feel annoyed at silly things. To calm yourself down after an intense day, just MEDITATE. If we have to go on and on in our busy lives, we have to find a way to let go of our negativity and let that positivity right in. If you make a habit of meditating for only half an hour  a day, you will see a visible change in your personality.

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