Woman Who Used A DIY Kit To Artificially Inseminate Herself Gives Birth To Her Son

Woman Artificially Inseminates Herself
Artificial insemination is a medical procedure performed by doctors, however, a 24-year-old woman artificially inseminated herself at home. The woman used a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit, which cost her less than 4,000 rupees.

Bailey Ennis wanted to be a mother and was not interested in being in a romantic relationship. She decided to use and DIY kit to artificially inseminate herself without professional help. Last month, Ennis gave birth to Lorenzo, a healthy baby boy.

Artificial inseminations are performed by doctors and commercial artificial insemination operators since mistakes during the procedure can result in infection, spotting, or multiple pregnancies. Reportedly, the success rate of pregnancies through artificial insemination ranges from 5 to 30 percent and Ennis’ successful artificial insemination is remarkable.

Woman Artificially Inseminates Herself

Undergoing an artificial insemination procedure at a medical clinic can cost up to 80,000 rupees. Ennis artificially inseminated herself using a DIY kit costing less than 4,000 rupees. She became pregnant after her first insemination attempt in October 2021. Ennis found herself an experienced and healthy sperm donor. The two met and mutually decided that he would be the sperm donor.

Ennis revealed that he also helped her use the DIY artificial insemination kit, which contained sterile cups, syringes, and ovulation tests. Once Ennis began ovulating, she used the DIY kit to inseminate herself and became pregnant with her son after her first artificial insemination attempt.

Speaking of life as a single mother, Ennis described it as “wonderful”. She added, “I’m so comfortable and happy being a single mum.”

Similar Case

Stephenie Taylor, a 33-year-old woman from England gave birth to her second child after she turned to the internet to get an artificial insemination kit and sperm. The high cost of artificial insemination through a private fertility clinic lead to taking her artificial insemination into her own hands.

Taylor used the Just A Baby application to get sperm and used eBay to order the insemination kit. She relied on YouTube tutorials to learn how to use the kit. Taylor found out she was pregnant two weeks after her first insemination attempt and is now the proud mother of two.

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