UK Women Determined To Celebrate Unhappy Mother’s Day, Here’s Why

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Unhappy Mother’s Day is an initiative of mothers in the United Kingdom to raise awareness about the struggles of motherhood and the issues related to working women in the country.

Mother’s Day is a day dedicated solely to the efforts and sacrifices of a mother. Exchanging cards, treating them to meals and giving them a day of relaxation has become the common way of expressing your gratitude to mothers. However, that is not enough to make up for the struggles that mothers, especially working mothers, go through. There are many more practical struggles that mothers face other than daily house chores and taking care of the family. And it’s high time we recognise those efforts.

UK Women Determined To Celebrate Unhappy Mother’s Day

Women in United Kingdom are throwing light on the real life problems that women face after embracing motherhood. Due to their full time role as a mother, many working women are left with very little job choices which include either to work for fewer hours or get a job with less pay. On top of that, the childcare system in UK is very expensive which makes it difficult for working mothers to bear the costs of childcare. Hence, women raised a request to the government to grant them aid to raise their children well.

However, the government declined the request that initiated the movement for Unhappy Mother’s Day. It is aimed at bringing the real struggles of motherhood to light and put pressure on the government to assist these struggling mothers. To observe this day, cards and greetings have been made with messages to raise awareness regarding the financial struggles of mothers.

We often confine the good treatment to mothers to a single day. The moment mother’s day is over, they go back to their everyday life. While we see a lot of people preaching to divide the workload at home so that mothers don’t have do all the work by themselves, nobody says anything about the mothers that go to work. It is not possible to decrease their workload but we can support these working mothers to show our gratitude towards them and to make things easier for them.

Other thing to note is that the society has glorified struggles in all forms. Struggling mothers who find it hard to make ends meet and the children who grow up in deficiency are called as strong and more driven than others. And then again those people are not ready to help them when they face problems. This is just a way of society to neglect the efforts they make and their refusal of helping these mothers. Struggles do make you strong but it also leaves scars on your mind for ever. A little bit of support can help put down some weight from their shoulder and save the mothers and children from trauma.

This initiative by UK women is a great way to point out the practical and financial aspects of motherhood. Motherhood is a beautiful experience but we should not forget that the relation of the mother and the child is the one that is beautiful, the world is still ugly. Raising a child requires not just love but enough savings to bear the cost of providing them quality education and living. And the UK government or any country’s government should definitely pay heed to this matter as they cannot neglect the half population of the country as well as compromise with the future of children who grow in deficiency of basic resources.

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