Five Dreams Every Mom Has For Her Child In 2021

Every mom tends to have certain aspirations for her child and our surroundings have a huge influence on them.

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Motherhood Goals: Most of us have spent the year 2021 inside our homes, as a pandemic rages outside. This time, spent close to families, facing challenges and gaining information and perspectives on various issues via the digital medium, has given us a lot of food for thought. A lot of us are changing our outlook and aspirations towards our own life and that of our loved ones, including moms.

Our perspective towards parenting, our vision of the future that we want to give our children, is no longer what it used to be, say a decade ago. Additionally, for the past few years, we have witnessed numerous relevant conversations on gender, climate etc., take centre-stage globally.

Every mom tends to have certain aspirations for her child and our surroundings have a huge influence on them.

So here are five dreams that every mom today has for her child:

1. A better world to live: What more could a mother want for her child, than a better world to live in. With data and conversations around climate change, ill effects of air pollution and violence constantly reaching our eyes and ears, moms wish the world somehow becomes a better, more hospitable place to live in. If only we didn’t have to worry about sexual predators lurking around on social media, if only people could follow road safety measures and value nature.

The change starts at home. Instil these beliefs in your child, start conversations on these topics on the mom groups that you are a part of and eventually, the universe will someday grant your wish.

2. Freedom of making their own choices: Our society still adheres to binary gender norms despite so much noise being made about non-binary upbringing in the past few years. The minute a child is born, everything from what they should wear, to how they should behave is pre-decided for them, based on their gender.


motherhood goals, child not eating enough, fussy children, motherhood detachment As moms we dream of a kinder world for our children to live in.

Our children don’t need these boxes to restrain their identity and dreams. It is time to smash these stigmas and set our children free.

3. Nurturing values like kindness and empathy: In an unkind world it is a tough challenge for mothers to nurture empathy and kindness in young children. Social media trolling and bullying make it even tougher for moms to convey it to children that while such negative behaviours may feel liberating or rewarding on a short term basis, kindness goes a long way.

4. Becoming a friend, philosopher and guide: Every mother wants to be friends with her child, but it’s easier said than done. Our protective instincts often take control of our actions and soon enough children stop opening up to their parents. However, the solution here lies in the ambition itself. Unless you aim to be a child’s guide or friend, you wouldn’t be taking steps or consciously moulding your own behaviour to put you on that path, would you?

5. Raising a child who isn’t ashamed of their flaws: These days, every child knows their potential and strengths, thanks to enthusiastic parents and grandparents. But what about the traits that society may register as weaknesses? Do we condition our children to be accepting of these so-called flaws? Do we tell our kids that it’s okay to not be good at a certain art or to score poor marks in some subjects? Do we teach them to believe in themselves no matter what society tells them? Do we advise our kids to accept flaws in their behaviour- which every human being is prone to have and work to be a better person always?

Mothers today wish to instil this belief in their children so that they are part of a society where each one of them is on an equal footing.

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