Dear Mom-To-Be, Here’s How You And Your Baby Will Change With Every Month Of Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Changes: The moment those two lines appear on that pregnancy test, a woman’s life changes forever. Pregnancy and motherhood are significant milestones in the lives of women, however, most moms-to-be feel clueless about this life-long journey that lies ahead of them. How many women fully understand what kind of changes their body will go through during pregnancy, for instance? How many moms-to-be know about important milestones of a baby’s growth in the womb?

The cluelessness about pregnancy changes often makes this life-altering journey seem less enjoyable and more worrisome for mothers-to-be. Add to that all the tips and suggestions that are piled on us by eager and enthusiastic loved ones, who want to be helpful in any way that’s possible. What people around pregnant women don’t realise is that we want to understand what will go on in our bodies during those and it’s unfair to expect us to simply follow advice on self-care, based on other women’s past experiences.

Knowing how our body and that of our child will be changing during pregnancy in advance not only helps us bond better with our unborn child, it also gives us a sense of confidence- it feels that we are in control of our situation and understand all its nuances.

So to help pregnant women enjoy this journey more, here’s a small guide from us to help you understand what all is going on inside your body when you conceive:

Month 1:
Mom-You get a positive pregnancy test. If it was a planned pregnancy, you should take folic acid in the planning stage, i.e., 2-3 months before your pregnancy because by the time you come to know of the pregnancy the baby has already developed a nervous system.
Baby– The baby has changed 3 names in this time period- From zygote to blastocyst to embryo.

Month 2:
Mom– Sickness of pregnancy, misnomered as morning sickness begins. You will experience nausea, vomiting, fatigue and soreness in breasts.
Baby– Baby’s heartbeat can be detected now with sonography.

Month 3
Mom– You can see a pregnancy glow but small pigmentation can also appear on the face and tummy. By the end of the 3rd month you can feel a tiny baby bump.
Baby– Fingernails, toenails and teeth begin to develop in the fetus.

Month 4
Mom– The second trimester starts and pregnancy gets more stable, risk of early miscarriage goes down. The baby bump becomes a little more visible. You will feel better as nausea and fatigue reduces.
Baby– You can see the baby’s facial expressions and observe it yawning and stretching in the ultrasound.

Month 5
Mom– The tummy reaches almost upto the belly button, you can feel the first movement of the baby as tiny flutters
Baby– Head hair and body hair starts to develop

Month 6
Mom– Time to change into maternity clothes. You can now feel the movement of the baby more evidently.
Baby– The fetus starts responding to external sounds. Baby hiccups start by this month. The fetus becomes viable in the extra uterine line.

Month 7
Mom– Third trimester begins and the preparation for the baby’s birth slowly begins. Fluid discharge from the breast starts.
Baby– The chances of the baby’s survival outside the mother’s womb becomes more established, provided you give birth in a well equipped setup.

Month 8
Mom– Lots of discomfort experienced by mothers like heartburn, leg cramps, breathlessness, sleep disturbance. So, you need more care in the eighth month.
Baby– You can see the baby’s movements from the tummy as waves. The kicking starts.

Month 9
Mom– Specific changes in the womb begin to prepare you for labour.
Baby– Baby’s lungs and nervous system is fully mature now. It goes into a stable position and its head begins to go down.

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