Kishwer Merchant Talks About Her Pregnancy, “Was Scared To Put On Weight”

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Actor Kishwer Merchant talks about her pregnancy, in her latest Instagram post.

On Tuesday, the actor posted a photo of herself and wrote about how scared she was to gain weight while being pregnant.

“When I got pregnant I use to think omg I will put on so much weight .. what will I do, will I ever be able to lose the weight again? I guess it happens to everyone. But after a few days I stopped thinking all about it and embraced it .. this is me now and I love myself coz I have you inside,” she wrote.

Kishwer Merchant talks about her pregnancy

Picture Credit: Kishwer Merchant/Instagram

Kishwer Merchant talks about her pregnancy experience

Recently, Kishwer Merchant opened up about her pregnancy experience. She said that she has been feeling both happy and nervous during her pregnancy. She added that she suffered from mood swings, when her father, mother, and husband, Suyyash Rai tested positive for COVID-19.

She then said that both she and her husband were surprised to discover that they were pregnant, as they had never planned for it. They are expecting their first child in August this year.

Besides talking about her pregnancy with ETimes TV, she also spoke about her casting couch experience in her career. She said that she was once asked to sleep with the hero and that the actors and directors were big names.

She said that this happened to her during a meeting in which she was accompanied by her mother. Merchant politely declined the offer and left the place.

She then added that not everyone goes through something like this and that such things don’t happen a lot.

Merchant added that the experience never stopped her from being an actor, and that, she is very happy with how her career has shaped up.