TV Actor Kishwer Merchant Opens Up About Her Casting Couch Experience

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Television actor Kishwer Merchant opened up about her experience with the casting couch in her career.

In her latest interview with ETimes TV, Merchant said that she was once asked to “sleep with the hero”. She also said that she that the actor and producers were ‘big names.’

“It happened with me when I had gone for a meeting- but just once. My mother was accompanying me. I was told that I’ll have to sleep with the hero. I politely turned down the offer and we left,” said actor Kishwer Merchant. However, she said that this doesn’t happen a lot. The actor then added that the industry is infamous and that this kind of thing does happen in every industry.

She then said that that the experience didn’t discourage her from acting, and that she is very happy about how her career has shaped up. Kishwer said that she preferred to stick to television, by citing that doing small roles in films are of no use.

The actor who is going to be a mom soon also spoke about how her pregnancy has been like. She said that she has been feeling happy and nervous at the same time. She then added that both she and her husband, Suyyash Rai were quite surprised when they discovered their pregnancy, as they never planned for the same.

She then spoke about the mood swings she faced, when her mother, father, and husband tested positive for COVID-19.

TV actor Kishwer Merchant wouldn’t mind playing lesbian roles

When asked whether playing a ‘lesbian’ would be challenging, she agreed to it. She said that she wouldn’t mind doing such a role, after a few years or so. She then added that society has now accepted this and that there will surely be more such roles in the future.