70 Baby Names Starting With K

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Baby names starting with K : Welcome to motherhood (or fatherhood)! It comes naturally for some, more slowly for others. And it’s all good. We all take it at our own page. As you look at answering many questions for yourself as a parent, the starting point often is, what shall we name the baby?

To help you with your search, SheThePeople Parenting has compiled a list of baby names starting with ‘K’ along with their meanings. To further facilitate your search, we have separate lists of baby boy and baby girl names below:

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Baby boy names starting with K Meaning
Kartikeya Son of Lord Shiva, Brave
Kashyap A famous sage
Kailash One who bestows peace
Kalap Moon
Kalmesh Another name of Lord Shiva
Kamod A raga
Kamukh Passionate
Kanha Another name for Krishna
Kanvar A prince
Kanishka King, Gold
Kartik One who bestows courage and happiness
Kashik Balaji
Kaushal Skilled
Kautilya Crooked thinker
Kavish King of poets
Kavyansh Intelligent and born with poetry
Kayan Name of a dynasty
Kedar Name of Shiva
Keerat Sing God’s praise or glory
Keshav Lord Vishnu
Ketubh Cloud
Karmaveer Brave in action
Kathith Well-recited
Khushal Happy
Kinshuk A flower
Kumar Youthful
Kundan Sparkling
Kirpal Merciful
Kirtiman Famous
Kshitij Horizon
Kalpit Creative
Kamith Desired
Kanji Another name of Lord Krishna
Kapil Name of a sage
Karun Kind, Merciful

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Baby girl names starting with K Meaning
Kairavi Moonlight
Kajal Kohl
Kaksha White rose
Kalika Dark blue
Kalindi Belonging to Kalinda
Kalpana Imagination
Kalpita Imagined
Kamakshi Goddess Lakshmi or Parvati
Kamini Desired
Kamna Desire
Kanak Gold
Kanchan Gold
Kangana Bangles
Kanjari A bird
Kanshika Indian king
Kanmani As precious as the eye
Kanupriya Beloved of Krishna
Kareena Pure, Innocent
Karishma Miracle
Karuna Compassion
Kasak Khushboo
Kashish Attraction
Kasturi Musk
Kashika The shiny one
Kaveri A river
Kavika Poetess
Kavyashree Poetry having 18 good characters
Khushboo Fragrance
Khyati Fame
Kiara First ray of sun
Kimaya Divine
Kinjal River bank
Keya A yellow flower
Kritika Fame
Kumkum Vermilion

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