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Are Your Kids Fussy-Eaters? Here Are Some Snacks For Fussy Kids

Snacks for fussy kids: Children need to be fed with essential nutrients as much as possible. Nutrients strengthen their bodies and boost their immunities. But, what to do if kids are fussy and refuse to eat nutritious food? Certainly, it becomes a subject of worry for parents who spend their time providing healthy food and life to their kids. But dear parents, we understand your problem and are here with a tasty and healthy solution to it. According to many mothers, the best way to deal with fussy kids is to serve their favourite food by slipping nutritious ingredients into it. Or serve new nutritious foods alongside their favourite dishes. So here are some snacks that you can feed your fussy kids because they are not only healthy but tasty and easy to make too.

Snacks for fussy kids

  1. Beetroot and carrot raita

Beetroot and carrot are among the most nutritious foods for kids or adults. Both vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the growth of your baby. But, it won’t be easy to feed these vegetables to fussy toddlers. But you can do so by serving them as tasty beetroot and carrot raita. It is also easy to make. All you have to do is grate carrot and beetroot and mix them with curd, roasted cumin seeds and salt.

2. Moong Sprout Dosa

Not many kids love sprouts. Let’s agree, they are boring. But, kids do like dosa. And what could be the best way to serve sprouts by hiding them in delicious dosa? To serve the healthy and nutritious sprouts in the form of moong sprout dosa to your kids. To make this dosa, it is important first to make perfect moong sprouts. Then, mix the sprouts with rice flour and salt and ground them into a paste to make dosa batter and let it ferment for 15-20 minutes. Now prepare a healthy filling of dosa by adding potatoes, grated carrot, beetroot, cabbage, coconut and onions. Now, heat a non-stick Tawa, spread a scoop of batter, stuff it filling, fold the dosa and let it cook on both the sides. Moong sprout dosa is ready.

3. Ragi Halwa

Ragi which is also known as finger millets or nachani is rich in many nutrients that are healthy for kids and babies. It is rich in calcium, iron, amino acids and promotes digestion. Fussy eaters will love ragi when served as Ragi Halwa. Soak ragi overnight and then wash, drain and blend them into a smooth batter. Then, heat a pan, add the batter, coconut milk, ghee, jaggery and cardamom powder. Stir it for a while and Ragi Halwa is ready to serve. 

4. Oven-baked sweet potato chips

Sweet potato is a superfood which is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres. Kids usually like it but you cannot predict their taste-buds which vary with every kid. So if your kid doesn’t like to have sweet potato as it is, serve it as tasty, crunchy and irresistible oven-baked sweet potato chips. It is also easy to make. Just slice the potatoes in rounds, arrange them on the tray and let it bake for some time. You can sprinkle pepper and salt on the chips and serve it plain or with dips. Snacks for fussy kids

5. Banana Pancakes

A delicious way to serve bananas, rich in fibres and minerals, is through chocolaty yet healthy banana pancakes. Chop the bananas and mash them with no lumps left. Then mix the mashed bananas with flour, vanilla extract and some milk. Then heat a pan with oil, and spread one scoop of the pancake batter and cook on both the sides. Serve it after pouring chocolate sauce on the pancake and your kids won’t be able to resist it.

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6. Cheesy Cauliflower Patties

Cauliflowers are nutritious as they support healthy heart, healthy brain function and hormonal balance. But it would be difficult to convince children to eat cauliflowers. So serve this nutritious vegetable as tasty and cheesy cauliflower patties. Slice cauliflowers into florets and boil or steam them in water for a while. Then mash it a fork, add egg, cheese, oatmeal and salt to it. Make small patties with the mixture and cook them in a non-stick pan. Serve the healthy and tasty cauliflower patties with chutney or dips.