Who Is Gauravzone ? Delhi Youtuber Booked For Animal Cruelty

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Delhi YouTuber Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone and his mother were arrested under the criminal charges of animal cruelty after a video of them tying Helium balloons to a dog went viral on the internet.

Many called out the content creator for using an animal to make content for his channel. The Youtuber is known for his video blogs, Vlogs, on his channel named Gauravzone. It has over four million subscribers.

Who is Gauravzone?

  • Gaurav Sharma had studied BTech in Mechanical Engineering and had never thought of starting a Youtube channel until one of his Video (Chandni Chowk Chor Bazaar VLog) went viral. Since then he started making VLogs on lifestyle and daily events.
  • Gaurav’s father name is Mukesh Kumar Sharma is also an engineer. His mothers, Geeta Sharma who is a housewife was also arrested along with him.
  • The infamous Youtuber’s video featured his mother and his pet dog Dollar. In the video, Gauravzone is seen tying helium balloons to the dog’s upper body in an attempt to make him float. Further in the video, more balloons are tied to the dog and the dog starts floating. Gaurav is seen explaining and cheering along with his mother.
  • The video was reported for animal cruelty and the Youtuber and his mother were arrested in the south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar police. The video is now taken down by Gauravzone.
  • Gauravzone and his mother were booked under section 188 IPC, Disaster Management Act and Section 11(1)(A) and Section 11(1)(D) Prevention to Cruelty to Animal Act.
  • In his statement, the Youtuber said, “Before making the video, I had taken all the safety measures. All I want to say is that I had made the video with all the safety measures… wrong content went out and it should not have happened. If sentiments have been hurt, I truly seek your apology.”
  • His apology did not calm the netizens instead angered them even more. The comments section was filled with people asking him to prove which safety precautions he took.