These Fifteen Things Every Man Should Be Taught Before Marriage?

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When it comes to marriage, all the lessons and tricks to hold the ground of the relationship is reserved for women. At the hour when women become paraya, parents impart in them the sanskaars of being a good bahu and wife. But are men ever taught about these sanskaars? Are men ever made responsible to protect the marriage?

Are men ever expected to respect their wives and in-laws? To be honest, the only advice that men receive before marriage is to not be a joru ka ghulam– which encapsulates their dominant position in marriage. But it is high time now that we start making men too the pillars holding up marriages. It is high time now that men who are going to be married should be told about these things.

15 Things Men Should Know Before Marriage

1. Respect your wife as equal. She is your partner, not a servant.

2. Support your wife’s ambitions and let them achieve what they want in life. Because financial independence is not a male domain.

3. Respect your wife’s views and opinions in the matters of the house, state and country. Let them formulate their own views rather than fabricate their thoughts by your lens.

4. Never abuse your wife, neither physically nor vocally. No mistake is huge enough for a wife to be screamed at, humiliated and beaten.

5. Do not impose duties on your wife just because of her gender. Respect her choices, likes and dislikes.

6. Housework is not your wife’s duty. It is a human skill so you should be too involved in it.

7. Do not shame your wife if she chooses to be a homemaker. Respect her choice and efforts in making your day good.

8. Fulfil the sexual desires and needs of your wife. Don’t shun their desirability as a trait of a slut.

9. Respect your wife’s family as your own. If you expect your wife to stay with and serve your parents, return the favour by respecting theirs.

10. Do not expect your wife to be your mother. Be independent and let her be independent too.

11. Do not expect your wife to seek permission from you for whatever she wants to do. Marriage doesn’t mean that a woman loses control over her life. So support her, don’t try to control her.

12. Give her the freedom to walk out of the marriage without any hard feelings. It is her choice and it is your responsibility as a husband and a human to respect her.

13. Parenting is not the women’s responsibility alone. Be an equal partner in changing diapers, losing sleep and taking paternal leaves.

14. Take care of her health and wellbeing unconditionally.

15. Be a friend, partner and lover but never a dictator.