Bill Gates Wears Wedding Ring In His First Public Appearance Since Divorce

Bill Gates was seen wearing his wedding ring while attending a virtual event.

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Bill Gates wears wedding ring, in his first public appearance since his divorce from Melinda Gates. This happened just two weeks after they announced their divorce on May 3.

On Wednesday, Microsoft founder Bill Gates attended a virtual event in which he conversed with US Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Clark. They discussed matters about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve learned a lot that will help us for the next pandemic and by making some investments in , and then having factories available, having surveillance and a big team of experts on a global basis, we will next time handle something like this without anywhere near the damage that we had to go through,” Bill Gates said.

Ever since Bill and Melinda Gates ended their 27-year long marriage, many questions regarding their personal life, and fortune has been floating around. It is said that Melinda Gates had already started contacting divorce lawyers in 2019, after Bill Gates' connection with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein became public. They have met many times between 2011, and 2014.

However, in 2019, Bill Gates had said that he didn't have a "any business relationship or friendship" with Jeffrey Epstein.

Recently, a new allegation against Bill Gates surfaced. An unidentified source working at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation alleged that Bill Gates thought that Jeffrey Epstein could some how help him with winning the prize. He said that Bill Gates wanted to win the prize, and that he thought Epstein knew some people who could help him with it.

The source also revealed that Bill Gates had also gone on a trip to Europe with Jeffrey Epstein in March 2013.

However, spokesperson for Bill Gates said that Gates regretted meeting Epstein, and that he never set the Nobel Prize as a 'goal.'

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