Manifesting Our Filmy Love Story: How We Found A Soulmate In Each Other

In conversation with SheThePeople, Akanksha Pillai shares the story behind her marriage with Rohan Pillai, how manifestation worked for them, and why love matters more than anything else.

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Filmy Love Story
Finding a soulmate in your partner is one of the most beautiful realisations. For Akanksha Pillai, it turned out to be much more. She had not just found a soulmate in her spouse Rohan Pillai but also a travel partner for life, something she'd always wanted.

In a candid conversation with SheThePeople, Akanksha Pillai shares the story behind her marriage with Rohan Pillai, how manifestation worked for the duo, and discusses why love matters more than anything else in the world.

Our Filmy Love Story

"Ours is a story of all things subliminal and manifestations coming to life! Soulmates taste like Hope. He is that hope for me.

I first came across Rohan on Instagram in 2017. He was travelling with the Royal Enfield Rajasthan tour. He shared a photo of himself with a couple who appeared to be in their early 40s and were also travelling with him. I showed that picture to one of my friends and said that’s my Future! I was referring to that couple riding through life when I said 'Future.' Little did I realise that the boy standing next to them would end up becoming my future five years from now!

Years passed and I randomly posted a funny comment on one of his pictures in 2020. And he replied! Since he was all famous, I never could imagine that he would DM me! I was in Europe travelling and studying at the same time. We rarely talked! Whenever we spoke it was always about the experiences we wanted to have while travelling.

Strangely, in April 2022 we funnily joked about getting married and travelling around the world together. I came back to India in August 2022. Randomly we got connected again and we started speaking over calls! We talked about how we let life create its never-ending waves and still manage to stay on our surfboards even through seeming tsunamis. 'I’ve never met you, but you feel like a hug, you know,' he said one day. This set into motion a chain of subliminal coincidences that we came to a realisation that our paths were always meant to cross! I flew to Delhi a few days later and surprised him! We hugged as we have always known each other. It exactly unfolded how we used to speak in a risible way at one point of time in our lives. Predestined? A few months before Rohan and I met, I casually texted my girlfriends, saying, 'Kerala Wedding soon,' and I sent them a screenshot of one of our funny conversations from that time!

When you know, you know! We got married in Kerala within three months of meeting each other for the first time.

But in reality, the most beautiful encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other!

I seem to have loved him in Numberless Forms, Numberless Times, In life after life."

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