How Abhinav and Lakshay Empower More Queer Couples Like Them

Abhinav and Lakshay
Love comes in all forms, across all genders, and communities. To restrict some people from availing their choice around choosing their partners is not just cruel but also unfair. For Abhinav and Lakshya, the challenges were much more than making choices; they were about moving forward to create a world of their own, accessing public access with sheer pride despite the naysayers, and fighting against age-old structures of society.

In conversation with SheThePeople, Abhinav and Lakshay talk about the challenges they faced, how they stuck together, and how they inspire more couples through their story.

Abhinav and Lakshay

“It all began when Lakshay was on a trip to India last year from Australia. Who would have thought a coffee date with a visitor/pardesi could turn into a lifelong companionship? Lakshay’s trip to India got extended due to the lockdown which gave us more time and hopes to take this further.

Right from our first conversation, we felt a spark. We started bonding over similar interests like our passion for dance and Bollywood and could see some chemistry building up! One thing led to another and soon we got very fond of each other. Also, our inclination to do something for the LGBTQ+ community made us connect on a deeper level. We soon got into a relationship together.

However, just five months into the relationship, Lakshay had to move back to Australia. Though we were prepared for it, but a long-distance relationship came with its own share of challenges. Our time zones and schedules were conflicting but we were focused to find a middle ground to make it work.

We always communicated our issues and insecurities and never went to bed without resolving a fight. There was so much care, love and emotional intimacy that the physical distance didn’t seem like a barrier.

When I came out to my family, it was very difficult for them to understand at first. They took a long time to absorb it. Things at Lakshay’s home were different. They accepted us wholeheartedly as soon as Lakshay told them about us. Gradually, my family also accepted us. The acceptance and support from our families have been a pillar of strength for us. However, there were many more challenges that came our way.

When people at my workplace got to know about our Instagram page, I was asked to resign. We sent tons of emails to the higher authorities of the institution regarding the homophobic behaviour and fought for my employment.

Finally, we made the authorities realise their mistake and I was offered the job back but it took a lot of effort from our end to educate them.

All these challenges we faced together as a couple brought us closer. It’s been one year since we started our page to spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ community and empower more queer couples like us.”

As narrated by Saloni, Team SheThePeople

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