“He Left His Passport Behind So He Could Get My Contact” Our In-Flight Story

Love Story In Flight
How often do you hear of stories that initiate thirty thousand feet above the ground? Well, it’s rare but beautiful, and a couple we recently spoke to in line-up to our Love Story week tells us why.

In a candid conversation with SheThePeople, Vichie shares her unique love story with her spouse Kunal that initiated on board a flight, events that led them together, and why friendship is the key to a healthy relationship.

Love Story In Flight

“I met Kunal on a flight that I was operating. He was returning to Chicago after visiting Delhi. On that flight, we started talking about travelling and our mutual interests in Delhi. He left his passport on the flight, and because I knew he would need it on the connecting flight, I called him up. I later learned that he left his passport back intentionally, so I would contact him. Even in our short encounter, I found Kunal very attractive and well-mannered.

He returned to Chicago, and I headed to Doha, but we continued texting each other. After two weeks, Kunal said he wanted to come and meet me and get to know me more. Soon, he came to Doha to see me. We understood each other more and had a fantastic time. Our connection has been wonderful since day one. Even with busy schedules and long distances, I never felt like there was a gap. Kunal always made an effort to talk and make me feel special. He always had some new ideas for our virtual dates; we would meditate together and cook together. Last year, I was going to Milan for New Year, and he decided to join me because he didn’t want to start a new year without us being together. On December 31st, as the clock struck twelve, he proposed to me. It was magical!

We soon told our parents, and both of our parents were beyond excited about our engagement. I always felt at ease with Kunal because he was very consistent in his efforts and that made me fall in love with him. In March, we took a trip to Vegas, and on the second last day, Kunal proposed the idea of getting married in Vegas. I was so surprised but thrilled! We went shopping for our outfits, he got a shirt and jacket, and I got a prom dress. We got married, and then we went to explore the city in our wedding outfits. As we were walking, so many people came up to us to congratulate us.

After returning, we told our families, and they were super excited and happy. When I went to Chicago to meet his family, his mom welcomed me with a surprise. He then came to India to meet my family and everyone loved him. We got married again in Goa in December. Who would have imagined that someone I met on a plane would be the love of my life!”

Narrated by Vichie to Saloni Karnani, Team SheThePeople

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