Ours Was The First Wedding After Article 377 Was Abolished

Hayle and Kiran

Hayle and Kiran share their journey of love with SheThePeople, how the challenges they faced over the years made them stronger, and why love matters above everything.

A Love like no other: Hayle And Kiran

“Hayle & I met for the first time in 2018 when she visited India for work. We connected through a common friend & she messaged me to meet for coffee.

We had an instant connection & when she invited me to travel to Nepal with her I took a chance & went. After this trip, we didn’t want to do an LDR so she extended her Visa & moved in with me for two months in Mumbai. This stay solidified our feelings for each other & I had already planned to study abroad so I applied to a few universities & within a couple of months, I was living in London.

We got engaged in December 2018 in the most romantic setup. We both had plans to propose to each other but hadn’t discussed it, so it was a big surprise when I proposed to her.

Then I had to tell my mother who had met Hayle in Mumbai, but she thought of her as my friend, so I wasn’t sure how she would react.

After we got engaged I knew I had to tell my mother as we were getting married soon. So one day in January 2019, I mustered all my courage and told her.

Initially, she accepted it calmly & even told Hayle to treat me well, but a few days later, the shock wore off, & she couldn’t come to terms with our relationship. She asked for proof & thought it was a joke.
Eventually, she accepted it & even agreed to attend our wedding but on one condition that I will never disclose our relationship & my sexuality to anyone while she was alive. It broke my heart, but I agreed as I wanted her to be present at my wedding. It was strange that she came prepared with all the bridal jewellery & gifts for Hayle, & actively participated in the wedding, but she couldn’t let me disclose my truth, such was her fear of society.

Ours was the first wedding after Article 377 was abolished, so many media houses reached out to us, but we didn’t respond because of the promise I gave to my mother. In October 2021, Aai passed away, & we feel now it’s time to share our story with the world. We often get messages from people who say that we give them hope, & I want to tell my story to them. To tell the world that love can happen at any turn in your life, you just have to be brave enough to face any adversity to make it a reality!”

As narrated to Saloni and Niharika, Team SheThePeople