Madra HC Reunites Transman And Woman From Unlawful Custody Of Her Father

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The Madras High Court determined that a woman was unlawfully held in custody by her father for being in a relationship with a transman. They court reunited the transman and his lover after stating that the relationship was legal.

The Bench included Justice V. Bharathidasan and Justice J. Nisha Banu heard the petition of a transman whose plea was about the release of his lover, a 23-year-old woman named Revathi. Revathi was unlawfully held in custody by her father.

The court heard the ‘Habeas Corpus’ Petition which had alleged that Revathi’s father had illegally detained her. ‘Habeas Corpus’ petition is used to release a person who has been unlawfully detained or imprisoned. The transman also appealed for his lover be given liberty. 

According to the Constitution, the Court said, the relationship shared by the transman and his lover Revathi were both ‘permitted and protected’. The Bench said in its statement, “Considering the fact that the detenue Revathi is a major and she is willing to go with the petitioner, on her own volition, we set the detenue at liberty and permitted her to go along with the petitioner.”

Kevin Tamizh underwent a hormonal pursuant to the doctor’s consultation. He changed his name and publicly notified vide a Gazette notification to this effect.

According to reports, Kevin met Revathi in 2018 and the two entered a consensual relationship. Revathi notified the Kadaladi Police Station and Superintendent of Police, Ramnadapuram that she is leaving her parental residence to lead a life on her own terms on April 27, 2021. The couple reached Chennai travelling from Madurai. The petitioner Kevin found residence for his partner Revathi in the Pallavaram Keezhakattalai Ladies Hostel in Chennai.

On May 8, 2021, Revathi’s parents along with Police forcibly separated the couple and allegedly detained by her. During the court hearing, Revathi said to the Bench that she left her parental house with her own consent and also showed interest in living with her lover and not her father.