Mental Strength Is Key: Tvesa Malik, India's Rising Golf Icon

From her early days in Calcutta to the grand stages of international golf, her story is one that empowers. Embark on a journey with Tvesa Malik, a rising golf icon in India, and her vision for the future in an exclusive interview with SheThePeople.

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Tvesa Malik

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With each swing, Tvesa Malik, a rising player in women's golf, etches her indelible mark on the greens and in the hearts of those who dare to dream. From her early days in Calcutta to the grand stages of international golf, her story is one that empowers. Born on December 14, 1995, in Gurugram, India, Tvesa continues to shine brightly, with an even more promising future in the world of golf.


SheThePeople sat down with Tvesa Malik during the opening of Hero Women’s Indian Open 2023, where she shared her insights into her journey, her dreams, and her vision for the future in the sport.

A Whiff of Inspiration from the Greens of Calcutta

"I started playing golf when I was, like, maybe ten years old. My dad played and my granddad played, so that's how I got into it, by volunteering," Tvesa begins, her eyes reflecting the nostalgia of those early days. 

Hailing from Calcutta, where golf is an intrinsic part of the culture, her introduction to the sport was almost predestined. "I wasn't so serious about it in the beginning," she chuckled, reminiscing. However, it was her move to Delhi and practice at DLF that truly ignited her passion. A significant breakthrough at 16, following a string of victories as a junior and amateur, made her fall in love with the sport. 

I loved being at the course all day, and it was the only thing I could see myself doing. And I think after that, it just became a no-brainer.

Strength and Weakness: The Mind and The Short Game


Reflecting on her journey, Tvesa emphasised the vital role of mental strength in golf, "I think just how much of an impact the mental side has on it and how strong you have to be in that sense." 

In the spotlight of the 2023 Hero Women’s Indian Open, she emphasizes the importance of sharpening her short game. While her long game shows potential, the short game demands relentless focus.

The list of influences in Tvesa’s life is an inspiring one. She gazes beyond the horizon, not just at the scenic golf courses but at role models like Jeev Milkha Singh, who achieved unprecedented success. The stories of these great players, their resilient mental states, and their relentless hard work serve as her daily dose of inspiration.

Even to see some of the girls not necessarily experiencing early success but persistently working hard is crucial for me.

In Tvesa's remarkable journey, the family has played a vital role. She shares, "I've been very lucky that my parents were always very supportive of this." Her sister was a golfer too, and once Tvesa set her mind on pursuing golf as a career, her family rallied behind her with unwavering support. It's a fortune she doesn't take lightly.

The Memorable Moment: 2019 Indian Open


For Tvesa, reminiscing about her journey brings to the forefront one shining moment: the Indian Open in 2019. It was more than just a tournament; it was a heartfelt connection with her roots. It was about giving her all, knowing that a year of hard work led to that unforgettable moment. "Being at my home post and in front of the home crowd meant so much because you're really giving it your all."

Changing Landscape of Women in Golf

Tvesa believes that the perception of women in golf is evolving. She points to the success of women athletes in various fields, such as the Olympics and Asian Games, as a catalyst for this change. Families are increasingly recognizing sports as a viable profession for women.

"I believe women can do anything they set their minds to," she says, with a conviction that transcends her words.

In the comparison of women golfers to their male counterparts, Tvesa is optimistic. She highlights that, while the numbers may be different, the quality and dedication of women in the sport are undeniable.

When comparing the number of women golfers to their male counterparts, she points out the quality that makes the difference, "There may be just about 58 women and you may compare that to the 300 men in the sport, but the quality playing of those 58 is good; there's maybe almost 50% of them that are playing on tours internationally. If you do the math, that's pretty amazing."


She acknowledges the tremendous effort the golfing community has invested in bringing more girls into the sport, a trend she anticipates will only gain momentum.

Awakening to Golf - The Power of Awareness

Tvesa understands the importance of awareness in popularizing golf. She emphasizes that driving ranges, coaching facilities, and a wealth of resources are readily available for those who wish to pursue the sport. In Delhi, for example, numerous quality driving ranges offer accessibility to budding golfers. She also underscores the importance of major events like the Olympics and Asian Games in putting golf in the spotlight. These tournaments have the ability to capture the imagination of the entire nation, ultimately leading to increased awareness about the sport.

When asked about the awareness of golf as a sport, Tvesa passionately states, "I think that's changing. I think a lot of girls have been inspired and seen; look at the women athletes who have done so well at the Olympics and the Asian Games and are doing so well for the country. So I think that mindset is changing among families, and people are seeing that sport can be a profession, and there are so many talented women, not just golfers, but athletes."

A Message to Aspiring Golf Players

I think women just need to believe so hard in themselves. We're capable of doing whatever we want. We're strong women. We've come from families that are supporting us and seeing this as a career option now. The entire society is behind you. Times are changing for women, so I think this is the time to do it. If that's what your heart is telling you to do, then you must follow it.

As Tvesa strides onto the lush green fairways, club in hand and determination in her heart, she symbolises not just herself but the countless women aspiring to break barriers and reach new heights in sports. The future of Indian women's golf is bright, and Tvesa Malik is leading the way, inspiring every step of the journey.

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