The Boundary Between A Mom And A Mom-In-Law Can't Me Merged: Shefali Shah

Can a mother-in-law ever be a mother's substitute? Actor-director Shefali Shah shares her views.

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Shefali Shah on Mother In Law
Shefali Shah on Mother In Law: The relationship that surfaces between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law has always been complicated. But is it possible to blur out the divide between one's parents and in laws?

Actor Shefali Shah who directed the short film Happy Birthday Mummyji has won us over with her splendid performances in the past was in conversation with SheThePeople's Senior Editor Deepshikha Chakravarti, where she threw light on the kind of relationship a woman usually shares with her mother-in-law.

Shefali Shah Mother In Law remark: Actor comments on MIL-DIL relationship

When asked for comments on a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law relationship, Shah agreed that it is somewhat a complicated one. The actor-director opined that one can have a great relationship with one's mother-in-law but to obliterate the invisible line between a mom and a mom-in-law is next to impossible. "Yes, it's complicated because no matter how close you are, you can't merge that boundary between a mom and a mom-in-law. I'm being very honest about it," she said. She further added, "You could have a great relationship but as a daughter, I can say what I want to, to my mom and she won't take it back. And vice versa."

She then confessed that things change as a daughter-in-law. The understanding that parents have towards their children is much more than what their in laws have towards them. "As a daughter, the understanding that your parent has towards you, your thoughts, your mistakes, your achievements is always going to be much more than what your mother-in-law has towards you," said Shah.

Shefali Shah made her debut as a director and writer with the short film, Happy Birthday MummyjiIt is the story of a woman who is caught amidst the duties and responsibilities of daily life. The film released on Friday, July 23 on YouTube.


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