Ridhi Khosla Jalan Is Simplifying Interior Design Through Content

In an interview with SheThePeople, interior designer Ridhi Khosla Jalan shared how she stepped into content creation, why the Indian market is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and what keeps her challenged in this fast-paced digital world.

Tanya Savkoor
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Image: Ridhi Khosla Jalan Instagram

Who doesn't love a beautiful home? We have all dreamt of living in a space that looks straight out of our Pinterest boards; until the reality of expensive remodelling and unfindable decor hits us. That's why interior designer Ridhi Khosla Jalan stepped into the world of content creation, to share her expertise with the world. 'Ridhi, where can I find cute room decor without burning a hole in my pocket?' you can ask, and Jalan will emerge like a genie to share her knowledge.


For her unique content, she has also collaborated with celebrities and eminent personalities like musical genius A R Rahman, Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi, and more. Last year, she also had the honour of witnessing the inauguration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's art gallery at the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi. She was the only interior designer bestowed with the invitation. In an interview with SheThePeople, interior designer Ridhi Khosla Jalan shared how she stepped into content creation, why the Indian market is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and what keeps her challenged in this fast-paced digital world.

Excerpts From The Interview

What is your story behind becoming an interior designer? What was your journey shifting to content creation like?

With a degree in interior design, I founded a kid’s décor brand and my very own design atelier. The shift into content creation happened when I observed the struggle, both personally and among friends, to keep up with the latest industry trends while working as an interior designer. This realization inspired me to delve into creating content in the space of design and décor.

My foray into content creation started when I struggled to find the necessary information for my interior design projects. Back when I had my interior design studio, I would often struggle to constantly stay updated with information about home décor products. I saw that people would often ask me questions too. I thought that maybe there was a gap. 

My initial reels were answers to questions people would often ask me. These videos were a home affair with the help of my daughters, and I would then edit them. The overwhelming appreciation that I saw prompted me to expand and hire a team and do this on a more professional level. It became apparent that there was a void in the available information, which probably contributed to the extensive reach I could achieve in such a short time.


From your observation, how would you describe the Indian market for design and decor aesthetics? 

Indian design is this fantastic blend of our traditional roots and a touch of modern flair. We have this phenomenal advantage of weaving our rich heritage into the design elements from the Western world. Our weather, food preferences, and life choices are worlds apart from someone living in Europe. Which is why copying their design styles doesn't quite us right. But here is the magic – we have understood how we can mesh the beauty of both worlds into our homes. 

How do you balance content creation, interior design, and entrepreneurship? How do you make quality time for yourself and your friends/family while juggling between your different professions? 

There is no fixed formula for how I juggle content creation, interior design, and entrepreneurship while making time for family and friends. Admittedly, my social life has taken a hit. Currently, my life is a mix of work and family, with each day bringing something different. Content creation started on recognizing a gap in accessibility and information, but the response has been overwhelming.

Initially, I was able to balance everything, but as things evolved, content creation demanded more of my time. Recently, I made the intentional choice to step back from interior design. I'm thoroughly enjoying the world of content creation. Surprisingly, new, and exciting opportunities in entrepreneurship are coming my way. It is a dynamic journey, and I am embracing these changes with enthusiasm.

Do you ever face creative blocks or burnout? What makes you feel energized to get back on track?


I'm an avid reader. Every couple of weeks, I take a complete break and I treat myself to a full day of reading and during these reading binges, I purposely pick up stuff that has nothing to do with my work. It helps me delve into completely different worlds giving me a complete break. This is my way of rejuvenating and getting ready for the next round of work.

What are your goals for yourself? Is there any message for your future self?

My goal for 2024 is to become a thought leader in the world of design and to specifically push the boundaries of design right here in India. My dream is to see India paving the way on the global design map. I would want us to stop looking for inspiration elsewhere when we have so much to offer.

While I am incredibly grateful for the vibrant community we have built on Instagram, there is a goal close to my heart. It is fantastic engaging with everyone through this medium, but I truly aspire to have a lot more of these interactions offline and in-person. 



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