Gift Of Gratitude: How Piyush Katiyar Fulfilled His Mom's Humble Dream

A kitchen remodel was more than just about beautifying Piyush Katiyar's house. It was his gift to his mother who sacrificed plenty to help him fulfil his dreams. Here's his story.

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A kitchen remodel was more than just about beautifying Piyush Katiyar's house. It was an expression of gratitude for his mother's dedication to helping him achieve his dreams. The design student came from a middle-class family that sacrificed a lot so they could support his journey. Now that he made it to the coveted school, the National Institute of Fashion Technology, it was Katiyar's turn to return the favour. He saved up money from working several jobs so he could fulfil his mother's humble dream-- a kitchen renovation.


Speaking to SheThePeople, Katiyar described how the kitchen in their house was unsustainable for his mother to work with ease. However, she spent thirty years in that kitchen, tirelessly working and providing for Katiyar and his sister. So to show his love and gratitude for all that she has done for his dreams, Katiyar gifted her a new setup just like she always wanted. 

The smile on his mother's face when she saw the complete kitchen could not be described in words. As she embraced Katiyar, he reaped the fruit of years of hard work. Prepare for an emotional influx as you watch Katiyar narrate his story of sacrifices, love, and gratitude.

Hear It From Piyush Katiyar: Gifting His Mother Her Dream Kitchen

"Coming from a middle-class family, I gave up on a lot of dreams. But the support of my parents always pulled me through.

Always wanting to be in the design field, I cleared the NIFT exam and was in the Delhi centre. Gradually, I worked my way up and saved up on jobs that I did. Things didn’t always work out but the ones that did, were a blessing.

My mom never had a proper kitchen. There was a small room with boxes and a stove. I always knew that the first thing I’d do was give her the kitchen of her dreams. And that’s what I did. From the colour scheme to the design, I made sure that things were as she liked.


I hope that I can fulfil all her wishes."

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