Experimenting Is Key: Rakul Preet Singh On Choosing Diverse Roles

Rakul Preet Singh revealed her approach to selecting roles that resonate with her artistic values while achieving commercial success. She also highlighted the industry's evolving landscape, embracing films with unconventional roles.

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Throughout her extensive tenure in the industry, Rakul Preet Singh has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate the delicate balance between selecting roles and films that achieve commercial success while remaining steadfast in her artistic values.

In a conversation with SheThePeople, Rakul Preet Singh revealed her approach to selecting roles that resonate with her artistic values while achieving commercial success. She also highlighted the industry's evolving landscape, embracing films with unconventional roles that defy societal expectations.

When discussing her career, the Chhatriwali actor expressed that the first film she did was out of a hobby, and she indeed returned to films in 2013. While explaining her approach, she emphasised that she doesn't set strict benchmarks for herself because doing so would limit her potential. Instead, she believes in continuous hard work, along with the element of luck, the love of audiences, and the support of the industry, which play crucial roles in achieving success.

Rakul Preet Singh Interview

Since Singh started her career, the film industry has changed a lot. However, when asked whether the industry has become increasingly receptive to films that not only revolve around women but also showcase unconventional roles that challenge societal expectations, she shared her views.

Quest for Diverse and Influential Roles

She expressed her excitement for the industry's current state, emphasising the abundance of thrilling opportunities for actors. She highlighted the diversity of projects being developed, which go beyond the usual focus on dancing, singing, and romance. According to her, these projects include captivating scripts that have resonated well with audiences.

It's a great time to be in the industry because there are so many kinds of projects that are coming through. It's not just the dancing, the singing, and the romance; there are so many solid scripts that have also found audiences.

While discussing her recent projects, such as Chhatriwali and I Love You, Singh highlighted the overwhelming response she received for Chhatriwali, particularly from women in "tier two and tier three" cities who often lack a voice and choices. She received messages from these women after the film's release, indicating its impact on empowering them. Singh mentioned one of the messages she received from a girl who expressed gratitude for inspiring her to have a difficult conversation with her husband.

However, the actor also stated that she desires to keep experimenting. She said, "I want to do films that can impact people and have a social message, but I want to do glossy, masala films. I want to do everything because, as an actor, you get the opportunity to be different people in different films. So I'd love to keep experimenting."

On Beauty Standards In the Film Industry

Moreover, the film industry has also witnessed changes regarding its fixation on fair skin tone, slim bodies, and flawless skin, which has contributed to promoting narrow beauty standards and restricted representation. Reflecting on her own experiences in the industry, Doctor G actor recalled a specific audition that left a lasting impression on her.

During the early stages of her career, prior to her relocation to Mumbai, she participated in auditions, where she vividly remembers being shortlisted as one of the top 2-3 girls. However, she was told that "her face was too generic" for casting purposes, which ultimately prevented her from being selected.

I was so like, Ab jo hai yahi face hai, issi se kaam chalana parega, (We have to work with the face we have and make the best of it) and the only thing I had was confidence. So, I said that I had to work with this.

However, Singh shared that she approached the situation with a strong sense of self-assurance. She added, "So none of the negative comments really affected me. You can call it being headstrong or being absolutely unaware of whether these things should affect you or not. I was too naive. So, I was like, It's okay. If not them, someone else will like or appreciate it."

She went on to say that "No one in any profession, not just acting, should look for somebody else's validation for how good they are, and that's something I follow in my life."

Singh has Ayalaan on the list of her upcoming films, and she also has a new brand called New Boo. With a focus on biodegradable, reusable diapers, her entrepreneurial journey aims to contribute to environmental sustainability and make a positive impact. 

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