Have Faith In Your Daughters: In Conversation with Manya Singh, Miss India Runner Up

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Interview Manya Singh: Manya Singh has set an example by becoming the runner up of the prestigious Femina Miss India, 2020. Singh who hails from Uttar Pradesh, is the daughter of an auto rickshaw driver. In an interview with SheThePeople, Singh speaks about financial independence, initial days of struggle, gender equality and much more.

The Miss India Runner up has earlier opened up about her hard work, struggle and how it was tough for her to become successful because of her  financial status. She had to skip school as a teenager and start working. Singh even worked at Pizza Hut and studied on the street while her parents couldn’t manage to pay the school fees. However, none of these difficulties prevented her from dreaming big.

Here are a few snippets from the chat.

Financial Independence

The Miss India Runner up says that her mother always taught her to be a strong and independent woman. She also tried contributing for her education but her father would save the money without her knowledge. “I have learnt from my parents and especially I have learnt from my mom to be a strong and independent woman. My father had to work hard as an autorickshaw driver. I have completed my graduation in Banking and Insurance where the semester fees is quite high. So I told my father that I can’t manage full fees but I’ll try my best to contribute at least half of it and you can contribute the rest. He didn’t have any problem with it but he would always save the money I gave and I wouldn’t even get to know.”

Initial days of struggle

Singh opens up about her initial days of struggle in Mumbai. She knew that she had to work hard to achieve her dream and that is what she did. “It was a little difficult. I knew that to become a Miss India I have to work hard and to groom yourself, you have to have that education.  You have to be independent and find your own power. Till you aren’t independent, you won’t be able to find the power as to what you can do by yourself. I am proud of the jobs I have done previously because I have learnt each and everything from there.”

Intial days as a model

The Miss India runner up started modelling during her college days. There, she observed people and learnt from them. Manya wanted to choose modelling as her career because she always wanted to become Miss India. “I jumped into modelling during my college days. I learnt to observe people there. I learnt the walk from YouTube and worked really hard. I was told to imitate others while walking but that one thing I have in my mind always is that never lose yourself. Learn from people, behold on yourself and improvise. I always wanted to become a model because I aimed at becoming Miss India.”

“Gender equality and violence…two causes which are very close to my heart.”

Spreading awareness about social causes

Singh says that she wants to spread awareness about gender equality and violence. She has suffered and wants to share her experience with people. “Gender equality and violence…two causes which are very close to my heart. I have suffered a lot and I know how it feels. I want to share this feeling with people. I have chosen this cause and I am going to work towards it, not just on social media but also on ground once everything gets back to normal. I have got the best stage and I am going to use this.”

Watch the full interview here:

Message to parents whose daughters are aspiring models

Singh says that parents of aspiring models should have faith in their daughters. She also believes that such parents should encourage their daughters and love them the way they love themselves. “Have faith in your daughter. If you have faith in her, she’ll have the courage to soar high. Don’t ever think ki kaash humara beta hota. Give your daughter the right shoe and she will conquer the world. Thirdly, she is your daughter. Just love her the way you love yourself.”

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Have Faith In Your Daughters: In Conversation with Manya Singh, Miss India Runner Up
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