How Heli And Neli Kool Encourage Body Positivity Among Women Through Intimate Wear

In an interview with SheThePeople, Heli and Neli Kool discuss their entrepreneurial vision, how they're changing narratives around intimacy and self-care, and why they aim to impart body positivity among young girls and women through their venture. 

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 Intimate Queen Co Founders Interview

Heli and Neli Kool

Sister duo Heli and Neli Kool are the driving forces behind the Intimate Queen. With a shared vision to empower individuals and revolutionise the conversation surrounding intimacy and self-care, they have forged a brand that champions authenticity, confidence, and personal growth.


Heli, with her expertise in psychology, mindfulness, and self-care, is a sought-after speaker for workshops and panel discussions on self-love, while Neli excels in translating ideas into visually captivating experiences. In an interview with SheThePeople, Heli and Neli Kool discuss their entrepreneurial vision, how they're changing narratives around intimacy and self-care, and why they aim to impart body positivity among young girls and women through their venture. 

Excerpts from the interview

What is the inspiration behind the entrepreneurial venture?

Our journey with the Intimate Queen began with a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women. We began looking for gaps in the lingerie world and its offerings. We realised every brand spoke about offering the best fit, lift, and support, yet all of them had different sizes and different fits, which really wasn’t perfect. This meant coming up with a solution that adapted the body so that the dynamics of the right measurements could be changed. We also had the sustainability/eco-friendly aspect in mind at the time of development. 

Our personal experiences as women played a pivotal role in shaping our mission. We realised that the lingerie industry often failed to cater to the diverse body types and unique concerns that many women face. Heli and I grappled with personal challenges: Heli with bottom-heavy issues and I (Neli) with chest-heavy concerns. These experiences were frequently overlooked in body-inclusive campaigns, only focusing on the extreme sizes and leaving us feeling underserved and misunderstood.

After developing a few prototypes, we conducted in-depth interviews with nearly 50 women, including friends and family, validating our belief that there was a real need for a brand that understood and catered to the specific challenges women face.


Alongside searching for the right fabrics, we started looking for the wellness fabrics available in different regions and how we could reduce our carbon footprint while incorporating these into our designs. We found lots of options, from odour-absorbing to hygroscopic to temperature-regulating, and we tried to integrate fabrics that solved most of the basic problems like moisture-wicking, pH balancing, temperature regulation, amongst other qualities our lingerie offers.

What obstacles and competition did you face as women entrepreneurs in this industry?

As women entrepreneurs in the intimate wear industry, we've faced several obstacles on our journey. Market competition is fierce, and we've overcome this by leveraging our marketing and branding expertise, making sustainability and wellness our unique selling points. Despite resource constraints, our commitment to sustainability led us to experiment with eco-friendly design.

Educating consumers about the benefits of sustainable and wellness-focused lingerie has been a significant challenge. To address this, we engaged in conversations with potential customers, conducted interviews, and received positive feedback, which validated our mission.

With the support of mentors and our families, we've broken through these barriers, making our mark in the world of wellness-focused intimate wear.

How do you aim to catalyse positive change in women's lives with your vision?


We host counselling sessions and workshops for women undergoing treatments at IVF centres and hospitals. During these sessions, we address topics such as self-love and mindfulness, aimed at guiding them through the challenging journey of trying to conceive through non-conventional means. This journey often involves overcoming societal taboos and stigmas surrounding infertility, as well as managing family pressures. Our workshops emphasise the importance of taking the first step towards making an informed decision, whether it involves pursuing IVF, adoption, or choosing not to have a child. We believe that these decisions should be made without anyone feeling judged or demeaned.

In addition to these discussions, we also cover essential hygiene and spiritual aspects to help women build confidence, find happiness, and cope with the emotional challenges of not being able to conceive naturally. Our mindfulness guidance empowers women to overcome anxiety and self-doubt, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and happier life.

As an example, we recently worked with a 40-year-old woman who had just gotten married and was burdened by her past experiences. Through a series of counselling sessions, she was able to emerge from her depression and regain her confidence. Eventually, she and her husband decided to pursue adoption as their path to parenthood.

By maintaining a connection with women throughout their journey from fertility treatments to successful deliveries, we have gathered valuable insights into the difficulties they encounter. This has allowed us to design a line of maternity undergarments tailored to their distinct requirements.

In a world where societal norms often place women under immense pressure, how do you continue to encourage women to prioritise their emotional well-being and self-love?

At its core, we largely focuses on women’s wellbeing and empowerment. That is the fundamental value we cater to at our venture. First, we continue to develop life-enhancing products that empower women. In the future, we want to host much larger workshops at various locations so we can reach more women and educate them about self-love, mindfulness, and overall wellness."


We aim to inspire women to prioritise their emotional health, break free from oppressive norms, and redefine their paths with confidence and self-love. Our vision is to lead the way in transforming societal expectations and encouraging women to embrace their true selves unapologetically.

What is your advice for aspiring women entrepreneurship looking to make a difference?

If you are passionate about something, dig deeper and find a connection that actually solves a purpose. Recognise the diverse needs of your target audience and aim for inclusivity in your products or services.

Leverage your existing expertise and skills, even if they come from a different field, as it can provide a unique perspective and advantage.

Seek out mentors who can provide guidance and support, benefiting from their insights and experience. Engage with your audience and listen attentively to their feedback, as it is a valuable source of improvement. Lastly, remember that age is no barrier to pursuing your dreams and creating a lasting legacy.

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