Apoorva aka Rebel Kid Answers Internet's Burning Question: Who Funds Her Travels?

In a conversation with SheThePeople, content creator Apoorva Mukhija aka the Rebel Kid discusses her journey into travel vlogging, dating missteps and her evolving relationship with her parents.

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Apoorva Mukhija aka Rebel Kid Influencer

The internet recognises Apoorva Mukhija as "Rebel Kid," but the story behind her nickname is less known. It isn't just a username for her, it's a reflection of her rebellious nature. Coming from a strict upbringing where she couldn't go out at night or travel, but now she freely explores the world, often alone. 


She shares how her college days brought newfound freedom, "In college, you get excited. It's an engineering college away from home, so I was doing everything I wanted. I was travelling with my boyfriend at the time, going out with friends, clubbing, and wearing whatever I wanted. My boyfriend said, 'Bro, you are a full rebel,' and it stuck with me." Apoorva embraced the name wholeheartedly, reflecting on how it captured her spirited approach to life and stuck with her ever since.

Though Apoorva is an aspiring actor and content creator, she views herself primarily as a storyteller. While she has taken on a few acting projects, her focus lies more on creating narratives. Presently, she shares these stories on Instagram, a platform that has been instrumental in establishing her thriving career.

In an engaging conversation with SheThePeople, Apoorva candidly discussed a range of topics, from her financial journey and dating missteps to her evolving relationship with her parents.

'Leaving home brought gradual changes': Apoorva 

Apoorva shared growing up she wasn't allowed to wear shorts or talk to boys; however her relationship with her strict parents has now evolved, “My dad was very strict. and I do understand he comes from a good place."

Leaving home brought gradual changes in her relationship with her father, "I knew I had to listen to my dad because he was supporting me financially. If he threw me out, I couldn't survive. But when parents see you're living on your own and doing well, they start trusting you. You start trusting yourself too," she added.


Apoorva's success and independence gradually shifted her father's perspective. "When he saw people asking for my pictures, he realised I know a lot, at least in a street-smart way. He started opening up to the idea of my life," she says.

Today, their relationship is based on mutual respect. "Now, when I ask his permission, it's out of respect. I want to know his opinion. Should I take this trip? Buy this thing? He still isn't 100% okay with everything I do, but he understands," she shares.

Apoorva gives an example: "When I made my relationship public, he was very against it. But he didn't say anything. When it ended, he said, 'So, have we learned our lesson?' It wasn't about scolding me, but about the understanding that I've learned. He trusts me now, and I'm really grateful for that."

But how did Apoorva start earning? Was it content creation from the beginning, or was there another path? Her journey to financial independence began with her internship at MX Takatak, where she earned a modest stipend of around 5,000 rupees per month. "It was a field I wanted to pursue, so I just said yes," she recalls. Her role involved finding content creators on Instagram and onboarding them to MX Takatak. Later, she worked at Dell as a customer experience engineer, designing custom solutions for international clients. "But even before that, I had started earning from content creation," she adds.

A lot of Apoorva's social media shows her life, from travel to rants. It seems authentic and unscripted, like a vulnerable person sharing real experiences, and she shared the reason behind that. Apoorva emphasises the importance of authenticity in her work. "I am really bad at being fake," she explains. This genuine approach helped her connect with her audience. However, as her content evolved, some of her followers accused her of being fake. "People can't seem to accept that so many bad things happen to me at once," she says. 


For Apoorva, the internet is like a best friend. "I talk like the person watching is my best friend. I don't have to script; it just happens. God writes it for me"

Her Journey into Travel Vlogging

Apoorva is now widely known for her travel vlogs, which go viral and entertain a vast audience. But how did she start with travel videos? She shares, "We were not a family who travelled a lot. Papa would take us to Manali once every 2-3 years and then once every 3–4 years to Goa because he had a guest house there. We travelled by train for two days to keep costs down. My mom loves travelling, but my dad despises it."

Apoorva wanted her parents to experience the world beyond India. She said, "I really want them to go on international trips. I want them to see that there is a culture and a world beyond India. So I took them to Dubai, Bali, and soon to Maldives. It feels nice to do things for your parents because they have done so much for me."

The Impact of Travel on Women

Apoorva also spoke about the transformative power of travel, especially for women. "Travelling takes you out of your routine and puts you in a world you don’t know. Figuring out public transport in a new place feels like an achievement. Meeting new people and hearing their stories opens you up to different perspectives; it just makes you think that whatever you know about life may not be completely true or at least may not be the only perspective. It just opens you up to so many more perspectives."


Travelling has made Apoorva "street smart" and "independent". She explained, “Travelling teaches you to think on your feet. You become street-smart and learn to find solutions no matter where you are or what problems arise. For me, travelling alone or with friends was crucial. I didn’t want to feel dependent on anyone to see the world. I wanted to experience everything and then maybe teach someone else how to travel.”

Apoorva encourages women to travel independently. “Especially if you are a woman, please just travel. Don’t wait for a guy. We’ve been hearing since childhood that after marriage, go on a trip with your partner. But don’t wait for a partner. Do it on your own. It’s such a great perspective to add to your life.”

Rebel Kid Reveals How She Funds Her Travels

Apoorva then answered one of the most trending and burning topics related to her: how she manages her finances with travel videos. With a touch of sarcasm, she said, "Oh my God. The entire internet wants to know. When one of my closest male friends, also an influencer, travels nobody asks him how he's getting so much money. But when a woman is travelling on the internet, everyone asks, Where is it coming from? Who is paying? The guy she's travelling with must be paying. But let me be clear. I have the best job in the world. Content creation pays a lot, more than a normal person can imagine."

She elaborated, "When I started, I didn’t know it would turn out this way and I would earn so much. But it pays well, so I can fully afford my travels. As a content creator, I get a lot of things from barter collaborations. Most of my stays and activities in Europe were free and sponsored. I pay for my flights and food, but sometimes even the airlines are sponsored. It's a mix of privileges that this job brings."

Mukhija also shared her main source of income, "I don’t make a lot of long-form content, so I don’t get Google AdSense. Most of my income comes from brand deals and campaigns. The more you grow, the more you earn."

Financial Management

Despite her success, Apoorva admits she's not good at managing her finances. She reveals, "I have a CA, a financial advisor, and my dad, who handles everything for me. I'm bad at it and get anxious about investments. Every month, I transfer 60% of my savings to another account for my dad and advisor to manage. We discuss returns every few months. I'm not involved in the investing bit at all. I wish I were more knowledgeable about it."

Staying Grounded Amid Criticism

As she gained popularity, Apoorva redefined what it means to be a rebel in today's world. "Being a woman on the internet means you get hate just for existing. Men can get away with the most horrendous things, but a woman gets hated for the same actions. I get a lot of hate for cussing online. When male creators do it, it's cool, but when a woman does it, it's not."

She candidly shares her experiences with online backlash. "I posted about having a drink, and people started slut-shaming me and attacking my character. My friends and family would say, 'Then just don't post these things.' But I didn't fight with my parents to live the life I wanted, just to stop rebelling against the internet. So now, 'Rebel Kid' has another meaning, but I'm still a rebel girl."

Apoorva shares how she remains unfazed and focuses on the positive aspects of content creation. She explains, "If I didn't have a job and lived with my parents, I wouldn't believe in what others find unbelievable, like a woman travelling with a guy she met once. My job isn't to convince people; it's to document my life. If people believe it, great. If not, it doesn't change my life."

Apoorva creates videos as a personal record, saying, "When I have kids and I'm 50, I want to look back at these pages from my life and think those were good times. I try to share as much truth as I can, mostly the happy truth."

She maintains a boundary between her online presence and real life, sharing, "When I'm sad or depressed, I avoid posting about it. I'm here to entertain, not to gain sympathy. My followers are here for a good time, not to hear about my problems. I share mostly the real truth, except for my most vulnerable side."


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