Gaze Towards Women Creators Is Complex: Anisha Dixit Aka Rickshawali

Content creator Anisha Dixit aka Rickshawali says the landscape for women in content creation has undeniably evolved, but not without its challenges.

Ishika Thanvi
Nov 16, 2023 21:18 IST
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In the city of dreams, Mumbai, a young Anisha Dixit arrived ten years ago with stars in her eyes, envisioning a path to stardom in Bollywood. Little did she anticipate that her journey would take a completely different, albeit fulfilling, route.


Reflecting on her unexpected trajectory, Anisha chuckles, "Not at all. How the wand chooses the wizard, Rickshawali & YouTube chose me."

Dixit's initial aspirations were centred around the glitz and glamour of the film industry. However, the digital landscape at the time was far from what it is today. Social media had not woven itself into the fabric of daily life, and YouTube had yet to emerge as the content behemoth we know now. The turning point in Anisha's content creation journey came when she recognised the stark absence of female voices in the online realm. Facing initial backlash, she drew strength from her mother, who supported her throughout. Dixit became one of the pioneering women content creators on YouTube, focusing on women-centric content such as menstruation that resonated with a grateful audience.

In 2013, the digital space was dominated by male-centric creators. Motivated by the need for balanced perspectives, Dixit embarked on a mission to be a voice for women. She says, "There was no balance on the internet, and I wanted to create space for women online."

On The Gaze Towards Women in Content Creation

The landscape for women in content creation has undeniably evolved, but not without its challenges. Dixit witnessed the emergence of a new generation of female creators, a testament to the trailblazers who defied norms a decade ago. However, the gaze towards women in the digital space remains complex.

She acknowledges the initial resistance, recalling comments that suggested women shouldn't voice their opinions. She says, "It was almost like everything I said was wrong." 


Despite the progress, she notes that labels still linger. The digital landscape, however, presents a more balanced terrain, where positive and negative aspects coexist.

Professional Growth and its Impact on Personal Evolution

A decade in the public eye has been transformative for Dixit, not only professionally but personally. She emphasises the symbiotic relationship between professional and personal growth, highlighting the maturity and understanding that have accompanied her journey. The importance of savouring the journey over fixating on the destination becomes evident. 

Dixit urges creators to honour the process, emphasising that the journey defines character more than any achieved goal. She says, "The most important lesson I have learnt is to honour the process of getting where I want to reach." 

Dixit talks about navigating the ever-evolving content landscape from scripted 30-minute content to short-form videos, she views change not as a hurdle but as an essential component of excitement. The surge of women entering the digital realm validates her belief in its potential. Dixit faces the unknown with enthusiasm, proud to have been part of this transformative journey from its inception.

Ongoing Challenges and Embracing Competition


Acknowledging the perpetual quest to understand the elusive algorithm, Dixit sheds light on the challenges content creators face in an era of heightened competition. Instead of viewing competition negatively, she redefines it as inspiration to surpass previous achievements.

The true challenge, she contends, lies in becoming the best version of oneself.

Guidance for Aspiring Female Creators

In her parting words, Dixit offers valuable advice to aspiring female creators. She encourages them to shift their focus away from results, emphasising the significance of relishing the journey. Addressing the inevitable stigma and stereotypes, she advocates for discernment in absorbing criticism, differentiating between constructive feedback and baseless opinions.

In a landscape where even women may not be supportive, Dixit champions resilience and intelligence as key tools for navigating the dynamic realm of content creation.

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