Elderly Woman Selling Chocolates In Mumbai Local Goes Viral, Refuses Monetary Aid

Woman Selling Chocolates In Mumbai Local
A video of the elderly woman selling chocolates on a Mumbai local train soon went viral after it was posted by Mona F Khan and shared by Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal.

A woman dressed in a suit approaches passengers with a box of chocolates and other food items, as the video clip depicts. The DCW chief urged people to buy goods from such individuals. 

As the video went viral, NGOs like Hemkunt Foundation chipped in to help the lady. After 48 hours of day and night search on Mumbai local trains, they finally found the elderly woman. The Ngo founder Harteerath Singh Ahluwalia shared on Twitter that he found the elderly woman and offered her help, but she denied all monetary help. 

Woman Selling Chocolates In Mumbai Local, Refuses Monetary Help

Harteerath Singh Ahluwalia tweeted, “After much effort when we finally found her today, to our sheer surprise, Dadi-Ji declined any monetary help. We then bought all the chocolates that she was selling.”

Ahluwalia was impressed by her modesty, and further said, “Dadi exudes sheer determination, uncompromising self-worth, and honest love for life that sets her apart. We will now meet Dadi every week & will try and help her in whatever way we can. For now, our heart is full of respect and love for Dadi & hands overflowing with chocolates.” 

In response to Ahluwalia’s post, netizens appreciated the Dadi-Ji and flooded the comments section. 

A user tweeted, “Finally, your pursuit became successful. God bless you for your wonderful gesture brother. Also, prayers and deep respect to Dadi Ji for her self-reliance and unsparing efforts. May God bless her with health and happiness.” 

Another wrote, “Respect. Determined lady. Your efforts to find and help will be rewarded.”

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Every now and then, the internet witnesses such inspiring videos of people and encourage their spirit. A few months back, a similar video was viral of an elderly woman selling pens on the streets of Pune. Elderly Lady Ratan sold pens on MG Road in Pune for a living and refuses to beg. Ratan’s picture holding a placard read – “I don’t want to beg. Please buy, Rs 10,” read a sign on the basket. Blue colour pens. Thank you. Bless you.”

It is heartwarming and inspirational to read stories about people having a smile on their faces, irrespective of their situation. They make this world such a better place to live with their positivity. Ratan and Dadi-Ji are the example of humility, dignity, kindness, and integrity.