Viral Video: Mother Shaves Head To Support Daughter Fighting Cancer

Viral Video Mother Shaves Head
Viral Video Mother Shaves Head: There is no doubt in the fact that the strength of a mother is second to none. Netizens witnessed that strength in an emotional video shared by a Twitter user Rex Chapman.

The video was originally shared by Luciana Rebello on her Facebook account, who is battling cancer. In the 58-second long video posted on Twitter, Luciana’s mother was shaving her head with a razor. However, halfway through the process, she started shaving her own hair too. Shocked by her mother’s gesture, she broke into tears when her mother kissed her partially bald head. The original caption is in  Portuguese.



In her original post on Facebook, she captioned the 6-minute long video in Portuguese, “The love of a mother.”

Reaction of Netizens

The video undoubtedly touched millions of hearts on Internet. The post has more than 2.8 million views, more than 114K likes and over 24K retweets on Twitter. The tweet also had thousands of comments by users who were left teary-eyed.

A Twitter user, Adam Badenhorst, recalled how he did the same for his father and replied, “It brings back touching moments. It was tough but also liberating to shave my head in support. Thanks for sharing.”

Brittany, wrote, “When she kisses her daughter’s head as she shaves her own. :’)”

Another user, Paul Ender, shared a heart-warming photo of the mother-daughter duo. He captioned it, “Absolutely beautiful!”

However, there were a few users who also raised a question on how a cancer patient might feel about it. One of the users wrote, “Before you start shaving your head in solidarity, I think it’s important to ask the cancer patient how they feel about such things. Will having a mom who’s also bald make her feel better? Or will she feel guilty that her mom shaved her head?”

Brave Stories of Cancer Survivors

There are many other women who have battled cancer and emerged victorious in their struggle against the illness. Celebrities like Manisha Koirala, Tahira Kashyap, Sonali Bendre and many others have been vocal about their experience and raise awareness on cancer. 

In 2019, Tahira Kashyap Khurana posted a bold picture embracing her ‘badges of honour’ and celebrating her fortitude and spirit. 

Actor Sonali Bendre also spoke up about her fight against cancer. She posted about her journey on social media, as it gave her the strength to cope with the situation. Read more about it here.

Feature Image Credits: Paul Ender

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