5 Things To Know : How a young girl Shivrani Saved two lives In Sidhi Bus Accident in MP

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Sidhi bus accident: MP girl Shivrani saves two lives in the Sidhi bus mishap, 5 things to know.

A bus carrying more than 50 passengers fell into a canal of Banganga dam in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday morning. Around 45 dead bodies have been reportedly recovered by the rescue operations, of which there are 24 men, 20 women and one child.

The bus was completely drowned in water and it was after more than three hours that the bus could be found underneath water by the rescue teams and was then pulled out by cranes.

However, a young girl named Shivrani saved two lives amidst the panic. As reported by media, Shivrani was near the accident site when the mishap occurred. Without any hesitation, she jumped into the canal and rescued two people.

Here are 5 things to know about the brave girl Shivrani:

    1. Shivrani recalled the incident to the reporters and said that when the accident took place, she was nearby. She ran to the spot and jumped into the canal to help the people inside the bus. She managed to save two lives, but she was dejected as she wasn’t able to help more people.
    2. She also said that there were other men who helped too, reportedly her cousin brother tried to save the people in the bus.
    3. Shivrani and her cousin are receiving immense praise for their bravery from the personalities such as the Member of Parliament from Sidhi constituency Riti Pathak, BJP MP Shartendu Tiwari and the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as well as the from the public.
    4. In fact, the CM of Madhya Pradesh tweeted about the incident as well as praised and thanked Shivrani for her courage.
    5. In the tweet, The CM wrote in Hindi, “To help others is the greatest virtue. I salute and thank daughter Shivrani for her bravery. She saved two lives in the Sidhi bus mishap without caring about her own life. The entire country is proud of our daughter.”

Feature Image Credits: MP Tak Youtube Screenshot