Watch: 'Stay Safe' Warns PepsiCo Ex-CEO Indra Nooyi To Indians In US

Indian business leader Indra Nooyi shared a message amid rising cases of violence and killings of Indians in the United States. The former PepsiCo CEO offered guidance to Indians aspiring to study in the US.

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Image: Screenshot from Indians In New York video

Amid the rising cases of killings and violence against Indians in the United States, business magnate Indra Nooyi shared a message offering guidance. In a video posted by the Indian Consulate of New York on X (Twitter), the former PepsiCo chairperson and CEO cautioned Indians in or about to go to the US to be watchful and stay safe. Addressing the news of Indians finding themselves in unfortunate situations, she said,  "It's up to you to make sure you do what it takes to remain safe...stay within the law, do not venture out into dark places alone at night, do not engage in drugs or excessive drinking, please. All of these are just formulae for disaster."


The 68-year-old urged Indian immigrants in the US to steer clear of situations that could land them in trouble. She also shared advice for those aspiring to go to the US for education, talking about cultural change and detailing the importance of choosing the right university. 

Indra Nooyi's Advice For Indians In The US 

In a video posted on X, Indra Nooyi was heard sharing guidance to Indians aspiring to study or work in the US. She also warned those living there from indulging in activities that could raise concerns or suspicion. Over eight Indians or Indian-origin persons in the US have been killed and many others attacked and injured since January.

"The reason I'm recording this video is to talk to all of you, all you young people who are looking to come to the United States or are here already pursuing your studies because I've been reading and listening to all the news about several examples of Indian students finding themselves in unfortunate situations," Nooyi said.


She added, "So when you come to the United States, be very watchful in the initial months of your landing here, in terms of who you select as friends, the new habits you develop and how you cope with cultural changes because it's very easy to get caught up with all the freedoms you have and think that you should experiment with everything. Be very, very careful."

The business leader also talked about the importance of choosing the right university and avoiding dangerous environments. "You need to know your visa status and its permissibility towards part-time employment. Do not violate the law," she said, adding that the students must know the "boundaries of what you can do as a foreign student in the United States."

"Please avoid shady neighbourhoods. Do not venture out late into the night alone or do not venture out very late in the night at all," said. Nooyi also noted that while most Indians tend to stay out of trouble, some cases of students indulging in restricted drugs like Fentanyl have been unearthed recently. "This is lethal. Let me repeat, this is lethal," she emphasised.

"Please do not verge into this whole area of experimenting with dangerous stuff. Most importantly, do not partake in unlawful activities, understand the law and stay within the law," she said, also delving into the mental and physical harm that these substances can have on an individual.

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