The Right To Rest: What is our problem with Aaram?

why resting is important

Touch the sky. Paint the stars. Aim for the moon. Work till you fall. Sleep less. Stay humble. Wolves hunt alone. These are not our words. Sure, they sound like some torn apart instructions from a katana duel handbook. To be very honest, they are just some excerpts which can be sifted from the many self-help books in the market today.

1.You can’t be successful if you watch Netflix?

There are some interesting terminologies which have appeared in our dictionary with time. The millenial lingo keeps you in touch with the direct discussion of what is happening, what is acceptable, what is cool/uncool and the usual handbook of how to fit into the crowd. The idea of success is no longer a motivating word of wisdom one receives a night before their exam or the day they give their first job interview. It is a certain class, a distinct sect, a cult if you painstakingly notice how rigid the boundaries of “being successful” have become.

In the evident rush, to move ahead, outwit our competition,  skip the herd and basically become a part of the super-successful club, we have removed all chances and opportunities of resting and relaxing. It is almost looked down upon as being lazy, being ineffective and basically ruining one’s life. Sleep is considered inessential. Spending time with friends is looked down as waste of time. Taking out activties to do with family or loved ones is posed as hinderances to growth. There is just so much that is wrong with just sittin under the sun and soaking some vitamin D. It is indeed a heinous crime if you take an hour off everyday or focus on non-profitable hobbies.

2. Harder than reality, hits us productivity!

Undeniably, everyone needs time off. All of us require necessary rest and sleep. Penetrating our minds is the vitriolic babble around the incessant need to be productive each second of the day. It is absolutely unbelievable that under the pressure to be someone a job description wants we are willing to sacrifice so much of our precious time. For a few lines of our CV, which undeniably can be a game-changer for a lot of people and massively affect people and their lives, we delay needs like love and tenderness. We let our creativity and need for relaxation simmer on the backseat while what we really need is attention and care.

3. The number game never ends.

Let us not forget that crushing ourselves in the number game, chasing that adrenaline rush will chase us like Betal chased Vikram. There will always be someone doing more. Someone making better use of 24 hours than us. This incessant insect of crawling up the ladder forgets that an insect needs food, rest, recovery and relaxation to fuel itself. This rush of productivity gets even more toxic for a woman in a patriarchal society wherein she is expected to beat Batman in Gotham City along with doing expected chores.

Resting is not lazy. Taking time out for yourself does not mean you are a weakling. It simply means that you have patience and the emotional intelligence to scoop out irrelevant tasks and nourish yourself. It is a serious cogntive dissonance which is pervading our lives at the rate of 300 self-help books per minute. And the only way, we can actually help ourselves is by letting ourselves be. Gratitude journals and kale smoothies will not do the job when it is the body that just needs a good humored post like this and sleep.