We are taught to be stereotypical, we are forced to be the ideal woman and we are expected to live upto a society that always wants to see you in a certain way – comic Aditi Mittal talks about the serious stuff in her funny business. Why Indians love stereotypes and just why cuss words are always a hit – Aditi narrates what’s new about the Indian mindset and what’s stuck in time through her experience of a woman comic.


Among the country’s top stand-up comedians, she chats candidly about people’s rush to ‘judge’  and just how challenging it is to hold your ground (or mic) in what’s been mostly referred to as a man’s world. She’s created two hugely successful characters: Dolly Khurana (a movie reviewer) and Dr Lutchuke (a Marathi sexpert) and is a contemporary of comics like Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhat and others from All India Bakchod (AIB).


Aditi Mittal’s interview is part of our new series called the Next Generation Woman.