Why can’t women be funny? Aditi Mittal on India’s obsession with stereotypes


We are taught to be stereotypical, we are forced to be the ideal woman and we are expected to live upto a society that always wants to see you in a certain way – comic Aditi Mittal talks about the serious stuff in her funny business. Why Indians love stereotypes and just why cuss words are always a hit – Aditi narrates what’s new about the Indian mindset and what’s stuck in time through her experience of a woman comic.


Among the country’s top stand-up comedians, she chats candidly about people’s rush to ‘judge’  and just how challenging it is to hold your ground (or mic) in what’s been mostly referred to as a man’s world. She’s created two hugely successful characters: Dolly Khurana (a movie reviewer) and Dr Lutchuke (a Marathi sexpert) and is a contemporary of comics like Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhat and others from All India Bakchod (AIB).


Aditi Mittal’s interview is part of our new series called the Next Generation Woman.