7 Stereotypical Things 20-Year-Olds Are Tired Of Hearing

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Being in our 20s is both exciting and scary. Everything seems to be happening at once. Our personal and professional lives are always exciting and always seem to be in a mess. This is a time full of experiments and new experiences. This is also the time when we need advice and guidance the most but often end up with unsolicited and unneeded advice from almost everyone around us.

Society, or more precisely our elders, take this burden of giving us pieces of advice and having unreal expectations from us upon themselves. Below is a list of some stereotypical things 20-year-olds are sick and tired of hearing.

Stereotypical Things Women In 20s Hear

1. Beta, your biological clock is ticking

Our 20s are the time for us to focus on our careers and decide what we want from life. However, we are pressurised by our “elders” to start a family. Now, do not get me wrong- I am not saying we should not start a family, but how can we raise children if we cannot raise ourselves?

2. No one will want you once you are an old maid

The fact that people find love only when they are young is a very wrong misconception. People say “love has no age,” but no one seems to believe it.

3. What next?

We must keep in mind that we are still quite young and inexperienced in our 20s. We are still learning, growing, and trying to find ourselves and figure things out. Yet people expect us to get our shit together, and have life all figured out.

4. You need to toughen up

Life is hard enough for 20-year-olds, after all, they were only kids not too long ago. They are young, scared, and new to life. They are trying to navigate the hurdles of life the best they can, which can be overwhelming. It would be good if people would be kind to them once in a while.

5. Stop talking about your feelings all the time

20-year-olds at this age have started to open up and talk more freely about their emotions. They have found it better to deal with their feelings and be confrontational about them rather than bottling everything up like the elders.

6. You are too young to date but are at the right age to get married

On one hand, 20-year-olds are still forbidden from dating in many Indian households, but on the other hand, they are expected to get married and start a family. Elders seem not to know that dating is the first step to getting married and having a family.

7. We are looking for someone with 5-7 years of work experience

20-year-olds are new professionals. They are recent graduates and have limited work experience. Yet, many employers refuse to give them jobs based on their lack of experience. How can we expect someone to have so many years of experience without giving them a chance to acquire that experience first?

While such statements are far too many and we’re running out of patience, one stereotype at a time, there’s one thing we can surely do to protect our sanity – not give a care to prejudices that are made to bring us down in the first place.

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