Lockdown Life: How Our Screens Have Turned Into Our Saviours

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This lockdown the digital world has been emerged to be a saviour for us. Be it for entertainment with Netflix and TikTok, or networking with Facebook and Twitter, or for work meetings on Zoom, we have relied on screens for everything. The whole lockdown, all we have been doing is switching from one screen to another, but honestly, that is what has kept us going and instilled a sense of normalcy to our lives. Everything has now switched online, from having virtual meetings to weddings. But then how much screen time is too much? And is it even possible to cut down on the screen time under current circumstances?

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A day in lockdown

This lockdown screen time is the only thing that is my window to the outside world when all the doors are closed, so definitely I am grateful for it.

In my home, a normal day under lockdown for me starts with working over my assignments on my laptop. Whereas my sister is on the iPad watching videos and keeping herself busy. Then there is the television that is constantly serving us some background noise to make sure that we feel less lonely. Every time there’s a ping, each one of us leaps to grab our phones to see who has texted or who is calling. Before lockdown, I would have been feeling quite guilty about this. But this lockdown screen time is the only thing which is my window to the outside world when all the doors are closed, so definitely I am grateful for it.

Embracing the screen time

In this lockdown, our screens have helped us catch up with our studies, work. It has made us laugh, given us all the gossip, and also spread positivity. So at least this lockdown we should definitely embrace our screen times. I know so many parents who are able to complete their chores and work even while their children are around because they are able to keep them engaged with online classes and entertainment. Hasn’t access to digital media made our lives easier under the current circumstances?

In this lockdown, your screens have helped you catch up with your studies, work. It has made you laugh, given you all the gossip, and also spread positivity.

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Screen time has helped me not to feel helpless and lonely, but I do worry about my eyesight and mental well-being and I think all of us should. Constant exposure to a screen is bad for eyesight and it is always easier to ditch exercise because you have something much more interesting to do with your phone, isn’t it?

So here are three things I have been doing to ensure that my screen time doesn’t end up giving me a headache or become a foe instead of an ally in this lockdown.

  1. Learn to switch off: Fix a time. Set an alarm or reminder. Do whatever works, but one has to consciously learn to switch off the screen and take a break as frequently as possible.
  2. Check the screen brightness: The brightness of your screen should match that of your surroundings. Too dark or too bright and it could cause you major discomfort. So constantly keep changing your screen’s brightness depending on the requirement, instead of laving it on auto select.
  3. Health over everything else: Social media, work, entertainment can wait. Health cannot. Especically in the times that we live in. So as a rule I have made it a habit to work out everyday . It keeps me fit, positive and it also gives me a much needed break from the screen!

Shreya is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. The views expressed are the author’s own.