8 Ways Moms Can Discuss Periods With Their Daughters

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Periods still remain one of the biggest taboos in the Indian society. Be it getting a pack of sanitary pads or talking  about period cramps, the topic cannot be dealt with normally. The first person to have informed most of us about the monthly cycle happens to be our mother. Well, with time, even they might not like to have any discussion regarding the topic with us. But it is important to hold such discussions. Let’s have a look at 8 ways in which moms can discuss periods with their daughters.

Informing them about periods beforehand.

Mothers should inform their daughters about periods at an early age. This is important because girls should be aware of the changes their bodies are going through. In order to get accustomed with all the alterations taking place inside her, it is important for her to have proper information when the correct time arrives.

Asking them if they are okay.

As periods and the cramps they bring are painful, mothers should definitely ask their daughters if they are okay. Also, asking them if they need something to comfort themselves would be amazing.


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Teaching them to be comfortable while talking about it.

Most often, having discussions on periods turn out to be highly uncomfortable. Mothers should first teach their daughters to be comfortable while having such conversations. This can happen once mothers start holding period conversations with their daughters on a regular basis. That done, daughters will no longer shy away from treating it as an everyday topic of discussion.

Compulsorily involving male members of the family in any period related discussion.

Who said only women should talk about periods? Why not involve the men too. A major reason behind the stigma attached with periods is that men have little or no knowledge about the occurrence. If mothers choose to educate sons as well, the shame can be removed.

Motivating them while they are dealing with period cramps or mood swings.

Nothing is more special than your mother motivating you and helping you deal with the painful days. This is exactly what mothers should attempt to do when they see their daughters suffering. Knowing that she is there for you when no one else is, will not just comfort you but also make your bond with your mother stronger.

Encouraging them to talk more about it.

Dear moms, we know it is not very easy for you to encourage your daughter to talk about periods as much as they can. But in the long run, it will be beneficial for both you and her. The only way to end the stigma is to talk, talk and talk about it, as much as we can.

Helping them understand that it’s natural and not a taboo.

Unfortunately, sometimes, mothers themselves treat periods as a taboo and try hushing their daughters if they wish to speak about it. This comes from the age old conditioning and we cannot blame them completely for it. However, it’s never too late to mend. If mothers and daughters collectively help each other understand that periods are nothing to be ashamed of, a lot of can change for the better.

Telling them that having discussions on periods with their friends is a great idea.

It is healthy to have discussions on periods with your friends. Admit it or not, it plays a major role in strengthening the bond you share with them. Once your mother gives you the green signal, there’s no going back from talking about it with your loved ones.

Let us come together and make periods a dining table conversation. It is normal and that is how we should look at it. It is as important for daughters to talk to their mothers about it as it is for the mothers to talk to their daughters. Your mother will always be your best friend and there’s of course no harm in having a heart to heart conversation with her about something as natural as periods.

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