Lockdown Listicle: 8 Women-Centric Films And Series Worth Watching

Kajol Devi Short Film, The Last Hurrah

Everyone has their own way of dealing with a situation, and the current 21-day coronavirus lockdown is not different. Some people are playing video games, others are focussing on mental health with meditation while there are those who have found comfort in binge-watching web-series and films on online streaming platforms. So are you watching under this lockdown? Action? Thrillers? Feel-good films? For me, women-centric films and web shows are my go-to.  Here are five films and shows that I have enjoyed watching recently, and you might too.


This short film leaves us with a lot to think about. This suspense drama shows us 15 women who are sitting in a house. These women are all victims of brutal sexual assaults. We keep hearing a call bell which is an indication that there is a yet another victim who is seeking refuge. Since the room is very crowded, the women present inside debate whether they should accommodate any more victims or not. As the short film draws to a heart-breaking end, what stares back at us is the pitiful state of women’s sexual safety in this country, where age, status, or religion offers no protection from predators.

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This Netflix series is based on a true story, revolving around two dedicated female detectives who are determined to solve cases of rape that have occurred in their respective districts. Later on, when they come to realize that they are looking for the same person they join forces. The series offers a sharp commentary on how “believe all survivors” is a phrase far from being widely adopted, and how it is a struggle for women to prove that they were assaulted in many cases.

This Netflix series is based on a true story, revolving around two dedicated female detectives who are determined to solve cases of rape that have occurred in their respective districts.


This 2020 Netflix movie takes inspiration from the #MeToo movement. A college-going girl accuses the most popular boy at her institute of raping her. Seen from the perspective of Nanki, who is the girlfriend of the accused,   Guilty is about Nanki’s journey to find the truth. Is her boyfriend indeed guilty? Or is the victim guilty of lying? The special thing about this movie is that it is led by women in all departments, be it acting, writing, directing and production.

Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black is one of the most popular series on Netflix, with a plot that is very different and fresh. The series is set in a women’s prison. All of them have their past and their singular stories, intertwined with their grim present reality makes for an engaging dramedy. It is a series worth binge-watching.

Killing Eve

One of the very few series with strong female protagonists, touching on the subject of female attraction, Killing Eve is dark and deliciously quirky. Eve is an MI6 operative whereas Villanelle is a psychopath assassin that Eve has been tasked to find. This cat and mouse chase of Eve and Villanelle is quite addictive, and once you begin watching it, you’ll end up binging. There are a lot of plot twists and at times you feel this compulsion to click to the next episode out of curiosity. This series, available on Hotstar, is very refreshing and entertaining at the same time.

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Cable Girls

Set in 20th century Spain, Cable Girls revolves around four young women who work at a telephone company as cable operators. This was an era when women are not largely welcome at workplaces, having access to a handful of professional opportunities, one of which being telephone operators. This series showcases the struggles of working women in the 1920s . It shows how they had to fight for respect and dignity as well as fight for equal rights.

This series shows the struggles that they face as a woman at that time. It shows how they have to fight for their respect and dignity as well as fight for equality.


Deadwind,  a Finnish crime-thriller which was released in 2o18, is about a female detective who has just suffered a tragic loss but rejoins her duty. While investigating a murder she realise that there is much more to the case that it appears. If Nordic noir is something that interests you, then I recommend Deadwind is where you start.

Four More Shots Please!

Four More Shots Please! deals with certain stigmas in society that modern Indian women have to deal with in their everyday life. It shows how these four friends challenge stereotypical notions, be it body image issues, work-life balance, sexuality or lifestyle. Each character highlights a different problem engraved in society and tries to rise above it. This Amazon Prime show is one in the most-watched Indian web series and very popular among women as it is very relatable.

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