Learning To Cook My Favourite Dishes In Lockdown Gave Me Confidence

Recently with the pandemic, we have been forced to fit in this lonely world and to come to terms with it some of us have tried music, books, art. Whereas some of us have found solace in cooking.

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A world with social distancing and staying at home all day long seems a tad lonely. There are no restaurants, schools, colleges, and offices, but there is no other way as of yet to contain the pandemic. Each one of us has a different way to cope with it; some of us have resorted to music, books, art. Whereas some of us have found solace in cooking.


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Food is the key

Food has always found a way to bring people together. Earlier it was by inviting people to dinner and eating out, now it's about sharing the comfort that food brings via social media. Well here’s a word of caution though, it can at times also be heartbreaking when you are just about to eat dal chawal and you open your Instagram and see those fries loaded with cheese. It hurts, doesn't it? Whatever you say but food has a way of stirring emotions, even if of jealousy or craving.

Cooking has turned out to be an escape from reality and I feel good, even when I burn the whole dish.


When the lockdown began it seemed like almost everyone I knew had taken to baking or cooking and then flaunting their culinary conquests on social media. I mean what haven’t we made yet? From lasagna, tarts, cakes, to halwa, we have pretty much covered all ground. This is when I thought let’s see what the fuss is about. It began with Dalgona coffee, who knew I would end up baking bread.


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When I started out with my culinary experiments, it was essentially about passing time but eventually, it turned out to be something that uplifts my spirits. It became something to look forward to every day. As I dived into the world of food blogs, recipes, I must be honest, it got intimidating as well as interesting. Don't we all worry about taking something perfect and completely ruining it? That's what I felt about all the delectable recipes I came across, and I still do. Having said that, cooking has turned out to be an escape from reality and I feel good, even when I burn the whole dish.

It feels satisfying

It is so satisfying when something that you cook actually turns out to be actually good and everyone in the family praises you and pulls your leg saying "you are not the looser we thought you are." Also, cooking became a way to deal with all the restaurant food craving. There are so many preparations that we don't attempt to make at home, and order from outside. But the lockdown cravings to eat your favourite dish could only be tackled by taking matters in your own hands.  Also making something that you are craving and realizing that you can do it well boosts your confidence and makes your dish even more special.

I mean during this lockdown we tried making things which we never would have even bothered to since we could have ordered it

Before lockdown, cooking felt like a lot of effort. I would rather sit at the dining table and let the magic happen at a restaurant's kitchen. Why bother toil over an elaborate preparation, when somebody can make it for you. But this lockdown has changed my perspective towards cooking. It's not just about love but its also about taking charge of yourself and learning to be independent. The fact that my skills have upgraded from barely making a cup of tea, to whipping up something decent to eat if ever anyone comes unannounced to visit me has given me so much confidence and comfort.

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