Five Reasons Why Kamala Harris Being A Future Vice President Inspires Me As A Teen

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In the language of many feminists, the political sphere is the most effective scene of action through which women get edified and get a sense of equality in the societal arrangement. Talking about equality in the political aspect, it is hard to believe that around 50-60 years ago we were fighting for the women to at least have the right to vote. 

Today we are in the world where a woman that too from a different race is the Vice President-Elect of a country; where we once had to fight for racial discrimination. We are talking about none other than Kamala Devi Harris, a woman who not only proved the irresistible power of a woman but also came forward as the first woman Vice President-Elect of the United States of America.

Being a woman myself, it is an incredible honour to see a woman at such an eminent position. As a teen, she inspires me in several ways, to mention here are few:

Dreams and Aspirations do work.

Seeing her at this position, I feel nothing is impossible if you have the will to go against the odds. Our dreams and aspirations are the results of our capabilities. Ergo, if you can dream it then you definitely have the audacity to make it a reality.

21st century needs women as pillars of society.

Till now our patriarchal society has disillusioned women as incompetent. But women like Harris has proved them all wrong and has shown us the true spirit of women. Therefore, she has demonstrated the fact that the challenges of the 21st century need women to tackle its obstacles.

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My Voice Matters.

My opinions, my views are part of my personality. They are to be embraced not suppressed, just like my personality.  Harris’s opinionated self has brought her at this stage, which incentivises me to stand up for my self and voice my opinions.

Road to upliftment ought not to be closed.

Roads which lead to upliftment of women ought to be open for all. The roads ought not to be limited to just few women. When you achieve desirable equality you fought for then, you must look into the women who are still in the fight and give them the hand. So that every woman in the country should feel a sense of equality.

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Being a woman, unapologetically

Kamala Harris has taught us that to get an achievement and to stand at an influential position, we need not be men. We should entirely be comfortable in our own skin and most importantly to be a woman with her contented self.

These were the few reasons why Kamala Harris, the Vice President-Elect of the United States inspires me as a woman and as a politician. I can see her urging every woman to be the woman they want, irrespective of our societal norms.

Views expressed are author’s own

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