Every girl in specs is not a geek, being a virgin doesn’t make her behenji, choosing not to attend a party doesn’t make her boring and reading books doesn’t make her a nerd. Why do we assign these ‘impressions’  around women? Stereotyping Indian girls is so common – both among men and women. It’s 2020 and society has hardly gotten rid of these. Why just society, I am sure many of you feel, your peer group can put a great deal of pressure too. Sadly many of us succumb to it too and get swayed by what the others are doing. Those who don’t, are called names and are typecasted. Akin to the fact that all fingers can’t be the same, every individual is unique as well.

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Women face stereotypes, stand for yourself
Women face stereotypes, stand for yourself

As good as it feels to be accepted by everyone it is not really possible to stand up to all the expectations of acceptance since we as humans are likely to contradict each other at some point. So to all the girls out there, please stand up for yourself. Many of us have this weird search engine within ourselves that hunts for flaws when triggered by someone who doesn’t accept us. It then displays an unending array of shortcomings, completely ignoring that pure heart, the contagious smile and every other strength we have, making us stumble down below on the ladder of self-love. Isn’t it unusual how somebody’s expectations govern our happiness?

The girl in the mirror is who you are and only you should have the power to decide whether she is good or not because let’s be real even your best version might be unappealing to someone else. Whether it is the society or the best of your friends, nobody is mighty enough to make you feel bad about yourself. Peer pressure is sometimes such that we end up agreeing to tread on the wrong path, knowingly or unknowingly so. Remember, walk alone rather than walking with others in the wrong direction.

Spectacles don’t make you look like a dweeb but the lens does indicate how low you are on self-love. When you refuse to smoke or drink, you’re not ruining the relationship with your friend, instead, you are building a bond on honesty. A friend would never force you to agree because isn’t that what friendship is all about, embracing the differences and enjoying the similarities?

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If you love reading, then stack up those paperbacks and engulf them all, one page at a time. If you do not wish to take out a sword every time something goes wrong, keep it in the scabbard, everybody doesn’t have to be a warrior! If parties don’t seem fun to you, then so be it, stay home, Netflix and chill! If scores matter to you, never refrain from giving your best on that sheet of paper. If you’ve walked by morals all your life and they define your personality, never let yourself be affected by what people say. In simpler words, stay who you are and throw that facade away that makes you “acceptable”. If people can’t live with who you are, then you deserve better.

To all those who do not like me, I’m completely fine with your choice. I love myself just as I am, a flawed girl who doesn’t like parties, loves reading books, and unapologetically refuses to go against her morals.

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Saavriti is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. The views expressed are the author’s own.

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