9 Times Faye D’Souza Reminded Us Why Women Must Raise Political Questions, Be Outspoken

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Do women with political views make our society uncomfortable? Are men scared of women in politics? Discussing why people often don’t take a woman with opinions seriously on our new show Sisterhood with Shaili, journalist Faye D’Souza talks about why it’s important to question governments, stand up for citizens, know your politics and question it too.

1. On Democracy: Asking questions is not being anti nationalist.

2. On Women Being Targetted: Women seem like softer targets because they are fewer women with political opinions who are willing to say it loud.

3. On Trolls: If you disagree with me, try and convince me politely without calling names and giving me gaalis and issuing rape threats. That will only happen if you respect an individual as a person with a brain who you can converse with politely.

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4. On Rape Threats: As soon as you refuse to see a woman as someone who has a valid opinion, that’s when the rape threats and gaali-galoch and that sorts start.

5. On her own politics: I see myself more as a representative of citizens; of how a citizen would react to an issue and what bothers us about what’s going on in our country. That a lot of times tends to be anti-establishment but that’s anti all establishment whether it is city, state or centre.

6. One being pro citizens: I tend to see myself as pro-citizen more than either liberal or conservative because those opinions keep on changing and evolving. I don’t think I can ever stick myself into one category that way.

7. On asking questions: One of the responsibilities we journalists have right now is to remind people what journalism is. Sacche journalists wohi hote hai jo sawaal puchte hai, wohi hote hai jo sach laake aapke saamne rakhte hai. (Real journalists are those who question, who bring out the truth in any situation.)

8. On PatriotismSawaal puchna anti-nationalism nahi hota hai, sawaal puchna patriotism hoti hai, deshbhakti hoti hai, ki aap sawaal puch rahe ho. (Questioning is not anti-nationalism, questioning is patriotism, that you are asking questions.)

9. Women are powerful voices: It’s important for women to be recognised as powerful sources and their perspectives should matter.

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